2014 DFBC Finalist: First Place or Bust for Joeyengland98

July 8 3:13pm
Nick Sharp

This year’s DFBC in Las Vegas is just the latest in a series of finals qualifications for joeyengland98 – he made it to last year’s DFBC as well as the 2013 FFFC. “Trust your instincts,” the man himself says… and with a track record like his, we’re inclined to believe him!

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How long have you been playing fantasy sports/baseball?

I started a fantasy football league in ’91 and it was a year-long thing. As for daily fantasy, it’s been two years overall and this is my second season of baseball. Needless to say, it’s been good to me.


In your opinion, how does daily fantasy compare to season-long?

I just prefer daily nowadays since it’s a lot more fun. It resets every day and I like putting teams together. Daily results are nice, too.


How would you describe your overall approach to drafting?

Always trust your instincts. Too many times you let the brain override the instincts and you were right all along.


Describe the night of your DFBC Qualifier win.

It was up in the air, back and forth all night. I actually thought the guy in front of me was going to take it. I had a pretty miraculous extra inning – Carlos Santana hit a home run and I took it down. I needed 5 points or so to take it down and he hit a 2-run shot that put me in the lead. Pretty dramatic.


I had some tough finishes where I was right there and should have had first, but things went wrong. I guess I feel like I was due for a win. I lost about $20,000 potential winnings a few months ago when Carlos Santana hit a home run. Fortune came back around to me.

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What are you looking forward to the most about Vegas

Winning 1st and not getting 2nd. Last year for football I was in 1st position all day and the guy who won got a field goal in the last few minutes to drop me. The year before, I was set in 1st for football and Marshawn Lynch got put back in in a blowout. He was in for just one play and he went for a crazy run to put csuram ahead.


What would you do with the $1,000,000 if you did win?

What would I do? Help a lot of people out and get ready for football on FanDuel. That’s just the truth of it.

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