10 Reasons the Bears Could Win the Super Bowl This Year

Jun 30 2:50pm

The Chicago Bears look like a much-improved team from last season, and should be popping up on everyone’s radars as Super Bowl contenders. Here are the 10 reasons why we think this team is primed and ready to take the world by storm, and win Super Bowl 49.


1. They have the best wide receiver duo in all of football.


See, they believe it also. These two combined for over 2,600 receiving yards last season and 19 touchdowns. If Jay Cutler is healthy, they’re going to be a handful for any team they face.


2. Jay Cutler is healthy, and looking good.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.19.46 PM

He has apparently gotten bigger and stronger this offseason, and is good to go. McCown was solid, but the Bears gave Cutler a fresh seven year deal, so it’s time for him to shine.


3. There’s always Matt Forte


He rushed for 1,339 yards last season, which was good for second best in the league . Oh, and he tacked on nine touchdowns for good measure. He’s been a consistent top-10 pick during fantasy football drafts for years, and there’s no reason for that to change in 2014.


4. The Addition of Jared Allen.


Jared Allen is a proven leader, and historically, has always made his teammates better. The 2011 NFC defensive player of the year and four-time All-Pro DE should make life easy on guys like Lamarr Houston. Speaking of Lamarr Houston…


5. The signing of Lamarr Houston.


The 27-year-old had six sacks last season, and playing with Jared Allen could allow him to push that number towards double digits. Brian Robison and Ray Edwards, Allen’s former teammates, would definitely agree. When Jared Allen is on the field he commands tons of attention, which could potentially give Houston some nice looks at opposing QBs this season


6. Mark Trestman got this team to score even without Jay Cutler.


Last year under Trestman, the Bears scored almost four touchdowns per game. With the team’s starting quarterback back in the mix, you’d have to expect that Trestman’s offense will be just as, if not more impressive than last season’s.


7. They have a fair schedule.


The Bears are 15th in the league in strength of schedule going into this season. Obviously these numbers are based on last year’s results, but as of now, it doesn’t look like they have the deck stacked against them too badly.


8. They are due.


This Super Bowl will mark the 30-year anniversary of the Bears’ 1985 Super Bowl win. It’s been a long time since these fans have tasted the sweet juices of glory, and this team, on paper, looks like they can deliver.


9. The odds makers have them among an elite group of teams.


All of these teams have either played for, or won a Super Bowl in the past ten years. Just sayin’.


10. Because Brian Billick says so.


Brian Billick was the only analyst to pick the Bears to win this years Super Bowl. As a Super Bowl winner himself (2000 with the Ravens), I think it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s credible when it comes to evaluating teams. Also, have you seen how intense this guy can be? I wouldn’t argue with him.

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