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The 10 Most Outrageous Celebrations After Team USA's World Cup Win

Jun 17 4:29pm

If you’ve been wondering why people have been going crazy and partying since Monday night, Team USA beat Ghana in their 2014 World Cup opener by a score of 2-1. Clint Dempsey scored after 32 seconds, the fifth-fastest goal in World Cup history. John Brooks then broke the tie in the 86th minute to give USA the victory, and fans all across the country reason to celebrate.

Soccer may not be one of the most popular sports in the country, but when it comes to America, there aren’t many other places that get behind their team more. Those two moments from the matchup against Ghana spurred a lot of celebration and joy. Thankfully, cameras were running to catch some priceless moments. We’ve ranked the 10 craziest celebrations from all over the country.

Warning: if your volume is turned up, be prepared to blow out your eardrums.

10. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I wonder if those two guys jump-hugging even knew each other. Probably not, because America rocks.

9. Tampa, Florida

The chant transforms from the typical “USA” to “I believe that we will win.”

8. College Station, Texas

Johnny Manziel’s ears must have been ringing.

7. San Francisco, California

It was definitely whatever they were saying in unison at the beginning that helped Dempsey score.

6. Birmingham, Alabama

You know it’s serious when the bartenders start jumping up and down while waving their towels.

5. Charlotte, North Carolina

The addition of “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen was so needed at the end.

4. Seattle, Washington

So. Much. Patriotism.

3. Cleveland, Ohio

Nevermind, that’s where Manziel was.

2. Houston, Texas

Endless beer showers for everyone!

1. Kansas City, Missouri

By far one of the coolest slow motion videos I’ve ever seen. What an epic party that must’ve been after Brooks scored the game-winner.

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