Jose Canseco Looks to Break Records on Epic Home Run Tour

Jun 13 4:30pm

Thought you saw the last of former MLB slugger Jose Canseco? Well, not so much. One of the most famous steroid users in the game is traveling throughout the United States and Canada to do what he does best: hit long home runs with his big muscles.

This is serious — he even has a logo:



When looking at Canseco’s statistics, he had an productive career. He won a Rookie of the Year award, an MVP, four Silver Sluggers and was elected to seven All-Star games. His 462 home runs 1,407 RBI rank 34th and 71st in MLB history, respectively. However, his long connection with steroids and willingness to admit his use will keep him out of the Hall of Fame. So, what’s point of this epic journey he’s about to embark on?

If he can’t make it to Cooperstown, he might as well break records for hitting baseballs (and softballs) farther than anyone else.

The longest softball home run traveled 510 feet off the bat of Bruce Meade, while the furthest baseball home run was hit by Babe Ruth, going 570 feet. According to the former slugger, he thinks accomplishing his goals are well within reach:

I’m going for 600 feet for both records to really raise the bar.  I have a 572-foot softball bomb at the College of the Canyons that was unofficial so I think it is possible.  I expect a lot of big sluggers to come out at each stop to make this a great competition!

But wait, it’s gets better.

Canseco will be on the road for 10 weeks visiting 17 cities, spanning 16,500 miles. He must get around in style, and will be doing so in his “CansecoMobile,” which is a 40-foot custom RV. He’ll be bringing four dogs and three tortoises along for the ride. You know, in case he gets lonely.

Interested in finding out whether he’ll be in a city near you? You’re in luck because those details have been released:

June 17 – Minneapolis
June 19 – Brockville, Ontario
June 20-21 – Ottawa
June 22 – Philadelphia
June 23 – Newark
June 28 – Madison, Wisc.
July 5 – Schererville, Ind.
July 6 – South Bend, Ind.
July 11 – Lexington, Ky.
July 15 – Fort Worth
July 18-19 – Oakland
July 20 – San Rafael, Calif.
Aug. 3 – Kansas City
Aug. 5 – Bakersfield, Calif.
Aug. 10 – Los Angeles
Aug. 16-17 – New York
Aug. 24 – Canton, Ohio

I have to give Canseco a lot of credit here. After his public confessions about MLB’s steroid-use in interviews and his tell-all book, Juiced, he’s not welcome in big league circles any longer. He’s finding his own way to stay involved in a game he loves, despite pushing 50 years old.

With that being said, if anyone sees this show in person, please let us know how awesome it was.

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