Detroit Lions Fan Thinks His Tattoo Will Bring a 2015 Super Bowl Win

Jun 13 2:00pm

Friday the 13th usually brings out some weird things, and this is in that category. A Detroit Lions fan has gotten a 2015 Super Bowl Champions tattoo on his calf, before training camp even starts. Is this confidence in his team, hopeful for some good fortune or just plain dumb?

Whatever you consider it, the tattoo looks pretty cool:


Given Friday’s date and full moon on the calendar, David Morian is hoping the new ink he just put on his leg “will become a prophecy.”

He was seemingly motivated to do this because of one brave Seattle Seahawks fan who did the same thing prior to their championship run.

While I’d never recommend this, the Seahawks fan at least had an inkling his squad would be pretty good last year. In 2012, they put together an 11-5 record and appeared in two playoff games prior to being bounced by the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round.

It’s a different story for the Lions. Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson are expected to lead a successful team, but Detroit is coming off a 7-9 record, and have never appeared in a Super Bowl.

This gets even funnier after you hear Morian’s thoughts. A commenter on Deadspin heard him talking on a local radio show Friday:

This guy was on the radio this morning, and he fully admitted that he’s willing to cross out the 2015, and add as many years down the leg as is necessary.

The funny thing was, he said “Well, we’ve tried everything else to bring a Super Bowl here.”

Putting together a championship-caliber team will help, but I suppose they’re working on it. If Detroit’s Super Bowl drought continues for a few more years, his leg could start looking like this:


The moral of the story here is to never underestimate the lengths fans will go to will their teams to victory.

Maybe I should get a 2014 World Series Champions tattoo in hopes the New York Mets will turn their season around?

No thanks. I love the Mets, but not that much.

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