FanDuel Presents: The Kevin Love Photo-Chop Challenge

May 23 3:36pm
Scott Shay


Love me…Love me not…Love Train, Love-a-palooza, Love ‘em and Leave ‘em…

Chop This Photo: The Winner will receive a free $25 entry to Friday’s Strikeout

With Kevin Love expressing his interest to remain in Minnesota as much as an inmate refusing parole, we’ve got a long Summer of Love related headlines ahead of us and encourage everyone this Memorial Day weekend to love one another, celebrate responsibly, and submit their original images for the first FanDuel Presents: Photo-Chop Challenge!

The Fun Stuff:  

Take the above image of Kevin Love and chop it, manipulate it, adorn it, embellish it, and send it to

Humor and originality will be the most valued elements considered by our international panel of FanDuel Judges. Technical skills will be meh. Whatever.

Put a new jersey on Kevin…or armor…or a French beret with a Martian landscape. Let the creativity flow!  The theme is simply, “Where’s Kevin?”

Here’s an example that makes no real sense but we don’t really care about that. I’m guessing this is Kevin in some Space Jam-Roman-Steam Punk-fantasy-with some Rondo anxiety and Tian Tian the Panda.

There’s this…


Where is Kevin Love? You tell us…better yet…Show us! We’ll take your best images and showcase them in a FanDuel Insider post with the winning submission.

Or this…


Where’s Kevin?

Submissions: 05/23/14 through 11:59 PM 05/27/14

*Please do not submit anything that you would not want your mother to see. Open to all FanDuel users. Multiple submissions welcome. Submit images to

Winners: Announced Thursday 05/29/14

*Winners will be contacted through email reply from and will be auto-entered into Friday May 30th’s MLB Strikeout ($25 entry). All runner-ups featured in the follow-up Insider post will receive entry for Friday’s MLB Squeeze ($2 entry).

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The Rest:

Best of luck everyone. Happy Memorial Day weekend. Godspeed. May the force be with you. Hakuna Matata.




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