2014 DFBC Finalist: Cparm Takes the Long Road

April 18 10:12am
Nick Sharp

FanDuel user Cparm battled his way into a seat at this summer’s Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship. We sat down with the champ to get his thought’s about possibly taking down the $1,000,000 prize this summer.


How long have you been playing fantasy baseball?


I have been playing fantasy sports for 10+ years. I started daily fantasy last week and was instantly hooked.    


In your opinion, how does daily fantasy compare to season-long?


I think it’s the future of fantasy sports. I think it’s a better representation of one’s sports knowledge. Also, not being married to a set of players is an advantage. I’m a big fan. I doubt I’ll go back to season-long fantasy leagues.


The opportunity to win great daily prizes is a huge advantage for daily leagues as well.


How would you describe your overall approach to drafting?


I think you need to look at everything. Conditions, who’s hot, matchups. There’s a method to this madness.

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So I know you had to play a tiebreaker to win your seat (first person to have to do that btw), but let’s talk about the actual DFBC Qualifier first. Can you tell me about that first night?


Wow. Both nights were intense! First night I thought I had it locked up pretty easily. Mark Buehrle found the fountain of youth and was absolutely dealing. I also had Jose Bautista who had a couple monster home runs. It really separated me from the rest of the pack.

As the night wore on it got pretty close, but I was still confident I was on my way to Vegas. I was up until 1 AM watching the Mariners and Angels play. Mike Trout hit a big triple for the second place opponent to tie it up. I was devastated.


That must’ve been a heartbreaker. So how did you prepare for the tiebreaker? Did knowing that you were only facing one opponent affect your strategy at all?


Not really. My only worry was that we would have similar players (which we did.) It was another crazy night. I ended winning by .25 pts. Dee Gordon had a huge game for me to secure a win.


What’re you looking forward to the most about Vegas?


I can’t wait. I love to compete and the chance to do it for $1 million dollars is going to be incredible. I love fantasy sports, it’s the ultimate thrill. Combining Vegas with fantasy baseball should be a memorable experience. I wish the competition started tomorrow.


It’s great to see the excitement. And one final question, which I always have to ask: if you won 1st place, what would you do with the $1,000,000?


Too focused on putting together a great lineup. I really haven’t put much thought into it.


Haha you must have some ideas. Besides putting some back on FanDuel of course.


Half of it goes to fan duel, the other half goes to my family for putting up with me!

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