2014 DFBC Finalist: One Huge Night for ganondorf

April 10 12:40pm
Nick Sharp

Ganonford stamped his ticket to Las Vegas for an incredible weekend of fantasy baseball at FanDuel’s World Fantasy Baseball Championship. We sat down with the man of the hour and asked him some questions:

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How long have you been playing fantasy sports/baseball?

I started playing fantasy sports not too long ago. It was mainly basketball for a couple years; I tried the year-long stuff and wasn’t too successful. I started daily this year and was much more successful. This is my first year doing baseball and I’ve been enjoying it. You would think I would be doing better in season-longs because of how much I study for daily, but ironically my performance there has been suffering because I get so caught up in daily fantasy stuff that I often miss roster locks for my season-long leagues.


Tell us what the experience was like the night of winning the DFBC qualifier. 

I had family plans so I was out all night. While I was out, I tried to check my score on my phone, but the screen was small so I couldn’t even see it that well. I had another lineup entered that scored around 40 and that’s the one I saw first. I figured I had made some money, but didn’t win. Then I scroll down and see my 54-point score, but it didn’t have any prize money listed next to it so I was confused – how did my higher score not win any money? That’s when it registered on me that I had won 1st place. I immediately called a friend to share the news and totally missed the fact that I had won the Strikeout as well the same night.


In your opinion, how does daily fantasy compare to regular fantasy?

Daily is so much better because every day is a new day. You can definitely be smart and successful in both, but, for example, for my season-long this year I picked up Andrew Bynum. I assumed he would be a fantastic pickup but of course he ruined my season: he had twenty different haircuts and jumped through so many teams.


This is also why I never picked up season-long baseball because there are so many games and so many ways for your original roster to go wrong. In daily, I know that tomorrow I can get back on the horse and it’s not going to hurt me.


What is your approach to drafting a lineup? What were some of the key elements to your victory in the qualifier? 

I’m going to be mean and steal a famous someone’s quote, which is “Pick the best player for every position.” The night of my DFBC Qualifier there were only 4 games and 1 of them got postponed. My strategy was to go for Rockies because I’m a Colorado fan. And I went for the Boston pitcher which worked out quite well.


What would you do with the $1,000,000 prize if you won the DFBC?

It’s so far out there that I can’t even imagine. But I’ll probably enter one of condia’s $500 contests the next day to see how I measure up.


Any last words?

I’d love to give a shoutout to theclone since he’s the guy who referred me to the site. I thought daily was a silly idea a little under a year ago, but he bugged me to give it a try because he knew I loved basketball. He’s probably real happy with the referral bonus he’s getting as a result of me having deposited.


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