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March 27 10:58am
Tom Griffiths

We’re hard at work on a number of upgrades to FanDuel over the next few weeks. A very visible one of these is now live: our new header navigation.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.50.43 AM

This makes it easier for you to go directly to your upcoming, live and historical contests without having to go via the My Contests drop-down or summary page. These are pages people use every day that until now were relatively hidden.

We’ve introduced a “Help” drop-down to house the “How it works” and “Rules and Scoring” content, along with “Support”. These are important pages but not accessed often by regular users and so can be moved a level down.


We’ve also removed some clutter from around your avatar and made it clickable, giving you access to your pending bonus and FDP balances, and account management features. “Leaderboard” and “Promos” can also be found here.


In general this streamlined navigation fits the way people use FanDuel much better, is less cluttered, looks more modern and works well across devices. It also lays the foundation for some big site improvements in future.

We hope this makes FanDuel faster and easier to use for you. Watch this space for more improvements coming soon.

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