Introducing the World Fantasy Baseball Championships!

March 27 1:46pm
Nick Sharp

The World Fantasy Baseball Championships are Here


It’s that time of year again! Baseball season is just around the corner and this time we here at FanDuel are celebrating America’s favorite game with a tournament series unlike anything the daily fantasy sports world has ever seen.


It is with the utmost pride and excitement that we introduce to you the inaugural World Fantasy Baseball Championships, hosted right here on FanDuel!




August 12th - $100,000 Tuesday Warm Up

August 13th - $100,000 Micro Championship

August 14th - $250,000 Single Entry Championships & $250,000 High Roller Event

August 15th - $1,000,000 King of the Diamond

August 16th - $100,000 & $200,000 Survivor Final Rounds

and last but not least, our flagship live event of the season:

August 16th - $3,000,000 Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship


That’s right. Including all four Single Entry Championship events, that is a total of $5,000,000 spread over 11 distinct contests for you to test your skills over the course of the fantasy baseball season. And no, you’re not seeing things—our flagship DFBC will rock a $3,000,000 guaranteed prize pool with a $1,000,000 cash prize for first place.


Check here for more info on how you can enter or qualify for these events.

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