Site-wide Chat Has Been Removed

Jan 21 10:12am

One of the more visible features on FanDuel over the past few years has been our site-wide chat room. We first released this in 2010 when the site was much smaller, and the conversations between early FanDuel players were useful and entertaining. We have grown nearly 100x in size since then which has dramatically changed the way chat operates. We are now at a point where it detracts more from the FanDuel experience than it adds. We have therefore decided to remove it.

The key issues were:

  • At peak times chat scrolled so fast it was not readable or usable
  • It had become a support channel that was a challenge to serve due to its speed during peak times and site issues
  • It was used for frequent abuse and inappropriate comments that offended a large number of our players
  • People were sharing real and misleading player updates which spoiled the gameplay and were against our rules
  • It was a significant drain on our customer support team who could be helping with legitimate support issues elsewhere instead of monitoring and moderating chat
  • Our data showed that only a small minority of people used it, and surveys showed significantly more players were in favor of removing it than keeping it

While the case for removing chat was strong we recognize that some players still enjoyed it. If you are one of these players we apologize that it is no longer available and hope you can enjoy the rest of the site without it. Everyone is still able to send challenges to other FanDuel users by entering their username in the “Email address or FanDuel username” challenge boxes. If you are interested in finding leagues created by other users you should ensure the “User created” option in the “Advanced” lobby filters is checked.

Long term we will be introducing more social features that allow you to interact with other users in a much more useful way than a single site-wide chat room. In the short term we are focused on core gameplay features, for example solving the problem of opponent variety and allowing you to enter multiple contests in one go more easily.

As always, if you have questions or feedback please contact

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