New Contest Format Alert: The “Head to Head Matrix” 40

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new contest format on FanDuel.  The “Head to Head Matrix” format contests essentially package a group of twenty smaller head to head contests in one entry.  If you enter a $25, 21 person H2H Matrix, you will be facing twenty unique opponents in a contest where the prize structure exactly mimics the payouts that you’d receive if you played each of those twenty people in a $1.25 head to head contest.  Similarly, 21 person H2H matrix contests at other buy-ins simulate playing head to head contests against 20 opponents, each for 1/20th of the Matrix entry fee.

We will initially be offering H2H Matrix contests in NFL (ranging from $5 to $50 entry fee) and in NBA (ranging from $5 to $25 entry fee) and will potentially add other sports and buy-in levels once we see how the initial contests go.

40 thoughts on “New Contest Format Alert: The “Head to Head Matrix”

  1. Reply MickFucci16 Dec 10, 2013 5:49 pm

    So on a $5.00 h2h matrix if you come in first it only pays 9.00 and if you come in the tenth you get your money back?

  2. Reply ragron Dec 10, 2013 6:05 pm

    i applaude the new inovations

    what might be nice is th ability to change a plaer out before the game starts instead of the hardline lock for all games when the first game stats for gametime dissions and trades like the rudy gay disasetr

    • Reply joe Dec 10, 2013 7:26 pm

      great point ragron

    • Reply oxylimbaugh Dec 11, 2013 7:34 pm

      How right you are. When the starting goalie pulls out 20 minutes before game time. You can only bang your head on the keyboard. Until it happens to you it doesn’t seem so important. But when it happens. AHH the fun you will have. THEN, you miss the money by just a couple points. Its party, party, party! The best thing to do is put on a really bad movie and go to bed!

    • Reply dakraiz Dec 15, 2013 12:35 pm

      I see your point, however, you wouldn’t be able to see your opponents lineup if this was possible. The reason for the hard lock is so that you cannot change players in order to gain a statistical advantage over your opponent.

  3. Reply shawns53 Dec 10, 2013 6:54 pm

    when are the h2h matrix live and where can i find it?

  4. Reply OneQuestion Dec 10, 2013 7:10 pm

    This is awesome. Now my h2hs dont all get scooped up by 1 grinder. Does coming in 2nd count as 19 wins just like if you were to play 20 h2h and win 19 out of 20?

  5. Reply bruinsg Dec 10, 2013 7:42 pm

    I like the format the way it is, with all players locking in at the time of the first game. It prevents changing lineups based on what others have picked , it adds an element of risk for potentially injured players and makes it less likely to hurt a user who doesn’t have time to check their lineups right up until game time

    • Reply cooper_73 Dec 11, 2013 12:59 am

      I agree!

    • Reply dantos8715 Dec 16, 2013 11:04 am

      Just don’t reveal the players on a persons team until the game has locked. Show the players that are currently playing, but keep the others hidden until their game kicks off.

      It makes no sense to penalize people for late injury updates by teams.

  6. Reply varsityrun Dec 10, 2013 8:02 pm

    I second Ragron. While I love the innovation, something like late game swap holds far more value.

  7. Reply lebrontourage6 Dec 10, 2013 9:57 pm

    I completely agree about being able to change out late-game scratches before the games start they need to incorporate something like that. Also last week I would have been darn close to winning the big “Dribbler” as well as “NBA Shot” tournaments and the cancellation of the game in Mexico City screwed me. There should have been refunds issued for that I considered boycotting the site after that as there are many other similar sites available to use…..still pretty unhappy about that. CUSTOMER service.

  8. Reply pudge Dec 11, 2013 12:01 am

    Normally a $5 game produces a $9 return. Thus you invest $5 to win $4 or $10 to win $8 and so on. As such, the rake is really a lay 0f -125. This is calculated as amount of the bet or entry fee ( $5 ) divided by the net profit ( $4 ). The math works well and there is never breakage involved ( odd cents or fractions of cents ). You can calculate your winnings in any and for any dollar amount easily by dividing your entry fee by the money line of -1.25. $5/1.25 = $4 or $10/1.25 = $8 etc and so on. In the format describe and as you describe it, we would be incurring twenty $1.25 entry fees totaling our $25 entry fee into the Matrix H2H game. Now suppose you or I lose 19 of those H2H games within the matrix format and win just 1. Well our entry fee, as indicated, in any one of the twenty games involved is $1.25. Using the math I’ve shown above: 1.25/1.25= $1.00. Thus you would get back a total of $2.25 for winning each H2H within the matrix. If you won all twenty you would get a return of 20 x $2.25 or $45. This, of course< is the same as if you invest $25 in five separate $5 H2H contest and won them all you would get back 5 x $9 or $45 ..

    This should explain and show how the H2H matrix payouts are exactly the same as playing any other H2H game. The advantage is that you can quickly get 20 opponents without having to enter 20 games, you can avoid having to play the same opponent twice in any one matrix contest. Matrix H2H ensures that your 20 games will all be against a different opponent.

  9. Reply williamsz93 Dec 11, 2013 1:23 am

    I love the new ideas. I for one am perfectly fine with the lineups locking at start because I hate the idea of people changing their lineups to match other people. One solution to that would be hiding rosters and scores until the last game has started, maybe add that as a different type of game option

    • Reply varsityrun Dec 11, 2013 11:51 pm

      You can’t match other people’s line ups, because you can’t see any player who hasn’t played yet. I think people are forgetting that in their analysis.

  10. Reply pura vida Dec 11, 2013 1:39 am

    I need to see a sample league with all the payouts.

  11. Reply StoneCloser Dec 11, 2013 1:44 am

    GRONK !!!

  12. Reply rwebb2205 Dec 11, 2013 1:51 am

    You should read the rules before participating. The cancelled game is just part of it. I like the games locking all players in. It has cost me money on more than one occasion since I started playing here but I read the rules before putting any money in and knew the risk(s). If someone feels as if they should boycott because Fanduel stuck with the rules, I say “see ya later”..

  13. Reply Kellen Dec 11, 2013 8:15 am

    I disagree it would be a horrible idea to allow late game switches after LUs normally lock. On a night where you have 1 game start at 6 and all others 6:30 or later u could make your entire LU late players and find an expert or someone who wins daily and almost completely steal their LU. Same thing goes for head to heads. It’s your responsibility to do your research and check your own LUs if you think a late game scratch is possible don’t risk it and keep a player out if you like. That’s what makes it fun and challenging.

    • Reply siccmade Dec 11, 2013 2:19 pm

      if late game swaps were implemented you wouldnt be able to see other peoples players whos games havent started yet. other sites have option to swap players whos games have not started yet and only players whos games have started are visable.

    • Reply dantos8715 Dec 16, 2013 11:08 am

      C’mon, use some sense. You wouldn’t be able to see your opponents players until that individual players game has started. The other players who’s game hasn’t started, wouldn’t be revealed. That or each players lineup isn’t revealed until the last game has started.

      It makes no sense to burn people and waste their money because of late injuries. NBA usually starts at 7, and a player who plays at 8 all of a sudden comes out with an injury that was never previously reported AT ALL. How is anyone to research that? It’s happened over and over out of nowhere. Zac Randolph with his toe, Cousins missed a game out of nowhere after lineups locked, and then the whole Mexico City game. It’s just unfair and needs to be corrected.

  14. Reply bigtrip Dec 11, 2013 9:39 am

    I agree with bruinsg, you should not be allowed to swap players once you have seen who the competition has. If they could block out all players so no one can see who you selected until that players game starts, then I would be OK with it.

  15. Reply mike Dec 11, 2013 10:47 am

    Like the trickle down pay for this, and on a similar note of unique pairings how about infusing the idea another site uses that gives you the option of how many times you prefer to be matched up with another player?
    Give the option of 1 to indefinite, depending solely on the preference of the user.
    For an example, say I put in 50 separate H2H’s (not matrix, but regular H2H’s), I could incorporate a number that would allow another player a limit that they can be matched with me. This allows variance to those who wish to be limited in contact, and lets the high volume player play away at their indefinite number of choice as well.

  16. Reply Vito Donato Dec 11, 2013 11:59 am

    Always good to see new types of contests.

    Absolutely have to change the HARD LOCK in regards to lineups. Not being to change out players before the tip off or kick off of their actual game is terrible. Most other sites allow you to change out players until their actual game begins.

    The NFL night games only leagues need to begin with the Thursday night game and end with the Monday night game. Wrapping two NFL weeks into one is a terrible idea. Having to pick players for next Thursday’s game when they haven’t even played in their Sunday game yet is awful and a terrible idea. This is compounded by the fact you cannot change players before kickoff.
    Night game leagues should run for the same NFL week Thurs – Mon.

  17. Reply B Dec 11, 2013 12:35 pm

    When will matrix matches become available? I haven’t seen the option to do this yet.

  18. Reply childplease Dec 11, 2013 1:55 pm

    there is a simple way to make sure u dont see others lineups. u block out the players who’s games hasn’t started. and unblock them once the game starts. i do like the rules here and u should do ur research on who might and might not be playing. but when a game is cancelled at the the last second you cant plan for that. that being said fanduel needs to fix this issue. other then that i love the site

  19. Reply lumpy Dec 11, 2013 2:16 pm

    I realize you can’t have unlocked players once the h2h is revealed to each player. But maybe have leagues and tournaments with an “alternate” player selected. He must be able to fit in the questionable player’s price range, but that player can be substituted in the case of a medical DNP or trade. I’ll be giving this matrix a shot tonight.

  20. Reply WhiteTrashBaller Dec 11, 2013 2:35 pm

    I’ve been asking to to figure out late subitutions for a long time now. They say surveys which I’ve never seen or been able to participate in say us the players don’t won’t to be locked down to the computer changing our line ups. They think you can figure out other peoples line ups and pick accordingly to that. But it would be nice if they came up with something. The fire in New Mexico ruined my team as well as Rudy Gay trade.

  21. Reply WhiteTrashBaller Dec 11, 2013 2:46 pm

    Um for everyone saying in late roster changes you can’t see you is playing until that game starts. But people still say you can look and see their salary and guess who they picked. But really it’s still a guess and who plays is you are just going to copy lineups. They need to have atleast say one emergency switch out. After the early games start you should be able to have one lifeline and pull a sub player. Because 1 big fat 0 in the NBA and you ain’t winning anything. It’s that simple baseball hockey and maybe even football you can still win with a 0 but NBA hell no.

  22. Reply Jhanley2020 Dec 11, 2013 4:41 pm

    I agree 100% with WhiteTrashBaller. The Mexico Fire and Rudy Gay incidents were occurrences that happened outside of our control as a fan. We can control picking people who don’t suit up. If a player re-aggravates a hammy or the team doctor decides last minute to sit them. It’s our fault for relying on someone who was questionable to play that day. But we can not control trades or cancellations. I think emergency switch outs is a good idea. I also think that it’s a good idea to just give out the players average points if they get traded etc. For example Rudy Gay averages 22 fanduel ppg. Then that night everyone who had him should get 22 points, because as WhiteTrashBaller stated a big fat zero ruins all of your chances of winning in the NBA.

  23. Reply oxylimbaugh Dec 11, 2013 7:46 pm

    When a player pulls out of a 7PM game. Twenty minutes before the game starts. There’s a 6PM start on another game. The 6PM locks you out of changing for a different player. It is silly that you can’t change JUST that player. There should be a way to change when there is a late scratch. Changing your whole team because you are trying to match up with a better player should be disallowed.
    Its not fair!

  24. Reply iwillcrushu Dec 11, 2013 8:15 pm


  25. Reply insidethewrapper Dec 11, 2013 8:30 pm

    When does this start ?

  26. Reply Scout Dec 12, 2013 12:38 am

    Other than being able to play a lot of people at once I don’t see a real benefit but ill try it.

    I think the lineup locks are fine. If someone is using their money its up to them whether or not to take a chance on someone questionable that’s part of it.

    That being said, I think the Fire game in Mexico should have voided all entries with anyone in that game though. that was truly no ones fault and the entries should have been cancelled. Everyone would have understood. No one was going to say I didn’t use those guys because I thought the game might get cancelled.

    disappointed in Fanduel that night for sure.

  27. Reply Jdmoneybags Dec 12, 2013 12:46 am

    If your team doesn’t average 30-40 per player average you ain’t winning in the NBA

  28. Reply John Dec 12, 2013 4:12 am

    Love it. I don’t see why you don’t add all the sports though. Throw NHL in their, cmon.

  29. Reply Mamu Dec 12, 2013 8:32 pm

    I think one change should be allowed per day but only for a player declared inactive for that game, and a way to avoid others seeing the lineups is only showing the players for the games that have started, when gametime comes, lineup locks and opponents LU with players in that game appears, next game starts, same situation, lineup locks and opponents players appear for that game, seems easy enough.. as for the Mexico City fire, nothing could really be done , you cant issue refunds, some extra points for maybe a freeroll for everyone with players in that game would have been a little consolation though, Good luck and Happy Holidays all

  30. Reply gbwjr1969 Dec 12, 2013 9:42 pm

    Dont worry they will never change the locking of players rule! If they did they would go out of business quicly. It doesnt take an intellect to understand the amount of CHAOS that would cost. I know I wouldnt trust that procedure.

  31. Reply Uraqwer Dec 13, 2013 6:37 am

    “Lock in” structure can’t change or u could keep subbing out if u were losing bad trying anything in desperation to win. Yea some nights players pull out late but it’s equal for every1 it happens to us all and for us all. U can’t b allowed to Sub whenever u want, I hope they keep it locked in from first game start.

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