100 Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names for 2014-2015

October 2 4:29pm
Zack Pumerantz


The 2014-15 NBA regular season is set to tip off, which means your fantasy basketball team(s) will be their respective quests toward a championship. We all know the first rule, though. In order to make it to the top of the mountain, you have to look the part. That starts with having a really funny or clever team name that makes everyone in your league jealous.

Having a good team will also help you win a championship, but don’t you want a solid team name to appear at the top of the leaderboard for the next year while bragging about how good you are at fantasy basketball? Of course you do. Here are some ideas that will inspire you to be the best in every sense of the word.

1. All About that Bass, No Dribble - Pretty sure that’s Brandon’s new anthem.

2. Derrick Rose from the Dead - And everyone is rejoicing.

3. Pau Goes the Dynamite - Boom is so overrated.

4. The Land of Misfit Toys - Only use this if you have lots of 76ers players on your team.

5. The Love Connection - Kevin is just trying to connect with his new teammates.

6. SHUMP Dayyy!! - Everyday is Shump day for Iman.

7. The Ball Handlers - So simple, yet so many meanings.

8. That Shabazz is Mysterious - Ron Burgundy certainly agrees.

9. Your Knight in Shining Armor - Brandon is suiting up as we speak.

10. Harrison Barnes & Noble - The most athletic book store in history.

11. And You’ll Never be Fundamental - Tim Duncan’s remix for Lorde to sing.

12. Butler my Bread and Call Me Biscuit - Jimmy is prepping for Rose’s return.

13. We Have No Kerr-few - Klay Thompson and Steph Curry are super excited.

14. You? You’re a Dedmon - Dewayne is an intimidating man.

15. Kevinescence - Finally, we know what Durant’s favorite band is.

16. Noel Diggity - Not going to lie, I like Nerlens’ musical taste a little more.

17. Nobody is Above the LawSon - Ty has to always remind his teammates.

18. Low-ry Jeans - A new style Kyle is trying to get popular.

19. Living in a Van Down by the Rivers - Doc must be so upset with Austin.

20. Everybody Loves Their Own Brand - Elton is no different from everyone else.

21. Class is Now in Sessions - Ramon wants to go back to school for some reason.

22. Don’t Asik Any Questions - Omer hates Ramon’s idea.

23. Take Your Shoes Off in the Foye - It’s only polite when entering Randy’s house.

24. I’ll Take a Double McRoberts to go - All of a sudden, I’m hungry…

25. Get your Popovich Ready - I heard that Gregg and Terrell Owens are really tight.

26. The Slam Dunkeroos - The most delicious slam dunk you can ever imagine.

27. Gettin’ Wiggy Wit’ it - At least we now know the T’Wolves want to.

28. Shut up, You Panda Jerk! - Panda Friend is in China, but he’ll never leave our hearts.

29. The Lincredibles - Jeremy will have to be incredible to make the Lakers good.

30. Dine and Nash - Steve is skipping out on paying the bill, too.

31. Hold the Mayo - I don’t know why O.J. hates his last name so much.

32. All Ivan to do is Win - Ivan Johnson knows what he wants. Don’t we all.

33. Gone in D12 Seconds – Dwight Howard likes to drive fast without stopping.

34. Out of the Frye Pan and into the Fire - We’ve all been there, Channing.

35. Never Say Nowitzki - I didn’t know Dirk was a closet Justin Bieber fan?

36. Mind on my Melo and Melo on my Mind - This is what Snoop really meant.

37. All Jarrett Jacked up on Mountain Jrue - Holiday knows how to make a good drink.

38. Hangin’ Out with Your Zaza’s Out -  Pachulia must’ve had some of that Mountain Jrue.

39. Welcome to the Big Teagues - Jeff has a nice welcome for all newcomers.

40. The Kardahsian Ex-Husbands Club - Just Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom. For now.

41. I’ll Take a Porterhouse Steak - That’s Otto’s pre-game meal.

42. Welcome to the Bosh Pit - Chris already told me LeBron isn’t invited.

43. Waka Waka Ibaka - Serge loves some PacMan in his spare time.

44. Unibrows Anonymous - Anthony Davis has confessed, which is the first step.

45. You Can’t Handle the Truth - Not many can, Paul. Not many can.

46. Please, Enter my Chalmers - So this is where everyone yells at Mario.

47. Don’t Touch my Drummond Set - Andre has never met Brennan from Step Brothers.

48. You’ll Fail This Exum - Dante has put some extra hard questions on it.

49. Anything is Possible - Kevin Garnett gives us hope after a bad draft.

50. Breaking Kobe - It probably won’t be as easy as it was last year.

Got any other ones that you think should be posted in the fantasy sports team name Hall of Fame? Let us know in the comments below! If you need some more inspiration, today is your lucky day. We’ve also reposted our list from the 2013-14 season to give you even more choices!

51. Rubio Tuesdays – Ricky’s always dishing them out.

52. Duncan Your Face – Timmy D has been doing it for 16 years.

53. From Russia With K Love – The newest 007.

54. Gym Tan Landry – That’s so 2010.

55. Who Framed Luke Babbit – …and sent him to the Russian league?

56. Brandon Bass Hunter – Slightly necessary.

57. Bismack Markie – The clown prince of basketball

58. Dancing To Thabeet – Not sure we’ll see this Hasheem dancing to any beat.

59. Assault and Battier – Physical defense misunderstood.

60. A Stuckey Situation – Whether or not to sign Rodney Stuckey?

61. Wall-E – Do robot’s get injured?

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62. The Chronicles of Reddick – Rough times for the now-journeyman baller.

63. A Teague of Their Own – Unexpectedly solid.

64. Hibbert and Ernie – Annoyingly dominant.

65. From Kosta Coast – Koufos did finish with 6.9 rebounds last year. So, yeah.

66. Wake and Blake – Eggs on the side.

67. Live Faried or Die Hard – Most die hard against mister Kenneth in the paint.

68. Bigger Fish to Frye – Like 3-point jumpers.

69. Neat Fariq – Aminu he would end up on this list.

70. Nash of the Titans – But a lot safer.

71. Mumford & Parsons – I won’t wait for a better one.

72. Silence of The Lambs – Doron and Jeremy are silent hunters.

73. Horton Hears a Jrue – A person’s a person, no matter how sma…6’4″.

74. The Big Deng Theory – Derrick Rose would be Penny in this scenario.

75. Colder Than a Dalembert’s Toenails – Outkast continuing to affect society.

76. I Camby What I Wanna Be – A Houston Rocket.

77. Cookies and Kareem – Not again with the Lakers!

78. All You Can Shoot Curry – Just as simultaneously exciting and upsetting.

79. Home Malone – And doing just fine.

80. Keys to the Kyrie – A well-oiled machine.

81. Let’s Make a Beal – Wheeling and Bealing, via Walt Clyde Frazier.

82. Shaqramento Kings – Infusing the Kings with his Shaqness.

83. Yao Do You Do? – Terrible now.

84. The Price is Dwight – Not so much anymore.

85. Pondexter’s Laboratory – Childhood favorites that are terrible but endearing.

86. Blatche Ops 5 – Not to be confused with Blatche Ops 4.

87. It Takes DeJuan to Know One – Or Blair Witch Project.

88. Grand Theft Otto – The Wizards rookie gets his first taste of the NBA spotlight.

89. I’ve Got the Dragic in Me – Pitch Perfect has killed this song. Or maybe it was B.O.B.

90. Batum Shakalaka – And the crowd goes wild.

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91. Dirk Knight Rises – Permanently relevant.

92. Dwight Where You Stand – As Gangstarr may have put it, leave you there Dwight where you stand.

93. Bosh.0 – The Velociraptor personified.

94. Guy Walks Into a Jabar – Hall of Faming it as usual.

95. Hide ya Kidd, Hide ya Dwight – Anyone else?

96. Walker, Texas Granger – Productive, though forgotten.

97. Double LeBrontendre – Misunderstood as both the greatest and most annoying.

98. When Harry Mehmet Sally – An oldie but a goodie.

99. A Festus For The Rest of Us – At 23, Festus Ezeli may not even understand the Seinfeld reference.

100. Ibaka Flacka Flame – Round of applause.

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