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2013 FFFC Finalist: Tylerf35 Ties The Vegas Knot

Sep 25 3:11pm

480 yards from discount doublecheck, 128 from his 5’10” partner in crime Randall “corn on the” Cobb, and a glorious 193-yard finish from DeSean Jackson was all it took for longtime FanDueler Tylerf35 to clinch a win in the $109 Qualifier and a spot into our Vegas Final.

Though dare we forget the third cheesehead, Jordy Nelson, and his two TDs. The Packers’ cheesy team finish undoubtedly has this fantasy veteran rethinking his team loyalty.

Let’s learn more about the fantasy assassin…


What is your favorite game time snack?

Chips and salsa… tortilla chips.


Who was your greatest fantasy performer ever?

Aaron Rodgers just keeps coming to mind.*

*The so-called king of photo-bombing


If you could change one rule regarding fantasy football, what would it be? 

It seems like the whole fantasy world is divided on PPR, whether to use it or not. I think it’s great.   


What song best defines your style of play? 

The Distance – Cake


Do you have a sports hero and if so, who? 

I don’t think sports people should even be considered heroes. Maybe role models but they shouldn’t be considered heroes.


If you could describe daily fantasy sports in one word, what would it be? 



What do you love about FanDuel? 

The immediate results, the daily competition. You play people from all over and not just in your group of friends.


If you had to compare yourself as a fantasy player to one fictional character, who would it be and why? 

Sherlock Holmes


What will you do with the $1 million if you win? 

Invest the hell out of it. FanDuel would be one of those investments!

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