FanDuel Hindsight Report – NFL Week 3: Giant Busts

Sep 24 9:27pm

Week 3 of the NFL season is in the books and it’s time to break down the results of another round of fierce competition both on the field and on FanDuel. While it’s too late to fix your Week 3 lineup, analyzing last week’s results can teach us lessons and leave us better prepared going into next week.

Without further ado, here’s a look at the top scorers, best value picks, and biggest busts of Week 3.

Top Performers in Week 3 (highest scorers)


1. Antonio Brown – WR, PIT ($6,500) – 36.1 fantasy points
2. Drew Brees – QB, NO ($9,500) – 32.78 fantasy points
3. Cam Newton – QB, CAR ($8,700) – 30.42 fantasy points
4. Jimmy Graham – TE, NO ($8,000) – 29.9 fantasy points
5. Jake Locker – QB, TEN ($5,400) – 28.76 fantasy points
6. Josh Gordon – WR, CLE ($5,500) – 27.8 fantasy points
7. DeMarco Murray – RB, DAL ($7,300) – 27.8 fantasy points
8. Jordan Cameron – TE, CLE ($6,400) – 27.6 fantasy points
9. Jamaal Charles – RB, KC ($9,200) – 26.7 fantasy points
10. Geno Smith – QB, NYJ ($5,700) – 26.64 fantasy points

Antonio Brown had the game of his life in Week 3, catching nine passes on 13 targets on his way to racking up 196 receiving yards and two touchdowns. This boom in production came just a few days after Brown angrily confronted his offensive coordinator regarding his lack of involvement in the Pittsburgh passing game. Looks like it worked, as Brown is the first non-QB to lead the league in fantasy points in a week so far this season. Things in Pittsburgh look pretty bleak overall, but at least Brown looks ready to step into the spotlight that’s awaited him since the departure of Mike Wallace in the offseason.

Josh Gordon was the only other wide receiver to join Brown on the top performer list in Week 3, bucking the recent trend that saw four wide receivers in the top 10 performers each of the last two weeks. One trend that did continue is the lack of huge games by elite running backs this year. DeMarco Murray and Jamaal Charles had good games this week, but there have now been just five games by running backs that have made the top 10 performers list so far through three weeks. To put that in perspective, there have been four games by tight ends that have made the list.

Top Value Picks from Week 3 (most bang for the buck)

1. Antonio Brown – WR, PIT ($6,500) – 36.1 fantasy points
2. Josh Gordon – WR, CLE ($5,500) – 27.8 fantasy points
3. Santonio Holmes – WR, NYJ ($4,700) – 23.9 fantasy points
4. Jake Locker – QB, TEN ($5,400) – 28.76 fantasy points
5. Geno Smith – QB, NYJ ($5,700) – 26.64 fantasy points
6. Jordan Cameron – TE, CLE ($6,400) – 27.6 fantasy points
7. Chicago Bears – D, CHI ($5,500) – 25 fantasy points
8. Carolina Panthers – D, CAR ($5,100) – 23 fantasy points
9. Sidney Rice – WR, SEA ($5,200) – 22.4 fantasy points
10. Jason Snelling – RB, ATL ($4,500) – 19.1 fantasy points

Antonio Brown managed to not only be the top performer of the week, but also the top value play of the week, another first for this season. His 5.55 fantasy points per thousand dollars in FanDuel salary last week tied for the third best value production game on the year to date behind Eddie Royal in Week 2 (6.78), Julius Thomas in Week 1 (5.67), and Anquan Boldin in Week 1 (5.55).

It was a great week for cheap QB play as Jake Locker and Geno Smith offered huge production at bargain basement prices, both outproducing even a fine game from Peyton Manning. And with great value coming from the Bears and Panthers defensive units, among others, it is clear that avoiding defenses above $5000 is not always the wisest decision. Being willing to spend just a few hundred extra dollars of salary cap space at that position can allow you to really capitalize on the available matchups and maximize your points.

The Week 3 Bust List


1. Hakeem Nicks – WR, NYG ($6,800) – 0 fantasy points
2. C.J. Spiller – RB, BUF ($8,400) – 1.5 fantasy points
3. Dwayne Bowe – WR, KC ($6,700) – 0.9 fantasy points
4. Colin Kaepernick – QB, SF ($9,200) – 5 fantasy points
5. Eli Manning – QB, NYG ($7,500) – 5.16 fantasy points
6. Victor Cruz – WR, NYG ($7,300) – 4 fantasy points
7. Mike Wallace – WR, MIA ($6,500) – 3.2 fantasy points
8. Daryl Richardson – RB, STL ($6,200) – 0 fantasy points
9. Jermichael Finley – TE, GB ($6,400) – 0 fantasy points
10. Arian Foster – RB, HOU ($8,700) – 5.7 fantasy points

I’m beginning to think I should just re-title this list the New York Giants roster, as a variety of Giants have been mainstays in the bust department each week so far this season. David Wilson would have made the list for the third straight week with another dreadful performance, only expectations for him are already so low that it’s hard for him to underperform against the mediocrity that precedes him. The rest of the Giants joined him wholeheartedly in Week 3, being crushed like hot grapes in a 38-0 trouncing by the Panthers.

Big Winner Spotlight – grevis grabs the Bomb, turns $25 into $25,000


Any FanDuel user looking to hit it big each week should take a serious look at entering the Sunday NFL Bomb tournament. Grevis did just that in Week 3 with a score of 181.88 points, multiplying the $25 entry fee by a thousand in taking home the $25,000 first prize. Here’s a look at the high-scoring team:

Drew Brees ($9,500) was the top-scoring QB in Week 3 throwing for 342 yards with three passing touchdowns and an interception, also adding a rare rushing touchdown. His ownership percentage was fairly low last week by his standards as users looking to pay for QBs were more likely to jump at the top scorers from Week 1 and 2 in Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers. Brees had started the season a little slow, but he stepped it up to customary levels in Week 3.

DeMarco Murray ($7,300) was the top-scoring RB in Week 3, running up and down the field for 175 yards and a touchdown. Like Brees, Murray had disappointed in the first two weeks, keeping his ownership level fairly low. It will likely be much higher next week as Murray reminded us of the talent and burst he showed running in 2011. With the big name backs not producing at their usual levels so far this year, the mid-tier backs offer a good chance at the same production plus savings to spend on other positions, making Murray a smart play.

Eric Decker ($6,200) turned out to be the Denver receiving flavor of the week, catching all eight of his targets for 133 yards and a touchdown. Decker has seen a lot of targets this year, but turned them into big points for the first time in Week 3. Another player owned at less than 5% last week, Decker’s 23.3 points were a nice way to separate from the competition.

Jimmy Graham ($8,000) was the top-scoring TE in Week 3, with nine catches on a whopping 15 targets for 134 yards and two touchdowns. Graham now has 19 catches on 31 targets for 313 yards and three touchdowns in just the last two weeks combined. He is far and away the best tight end in the league, especially as long as Rob Gronkowski remains out, and an almost must-pick until his price accurately reflects the way he dwarfs his competition at the game’s most erratic scoring position.

Matt Prater ($5,400) was the top-scoring K in Week 3, with three long field goals, including one from 53 yards, and four extra points. Prater hasn’t gotten a ton of chances this year with Peyton delivering touchdowns at will, but he has been perfect on his attempts so far. He also has the advantage of playing half his games in the thin air of Denver, making long attempts much more likely.

Chicago Bears ($5,500) were the top-scoring D in Week 3, putting up 25 fantasy points on three sacks, three fumble recoveries, two interceptions, and two return touchdowns. Despite their matchup against a Steelers’ team that has struggled all year, most users who were willing to spend money on their defense opted to go with the Seattle Seahawks facing the lowly Jaguars, which kept Chicago’s ownership percentage down and made them a key factor in beating out the competition on FanDuel last week.

Meanwhile, Frank Gore ($6,700), Greg Jennings ($5,600), and DeAndre Hopkins ($5,700) showed that if you manage to pick the top-scoring player at five different positions, you can afford to have some mediocre performances in your lineup. Grevis was able to take down the Bomb without Antonio Brown, the top scorer and best value player of the week. It’s important to remember that you don’t need to have the perfect team to win a tournament on FanDuel, you just need to have a better team than everyone else.

Here’s a link to this week’s $250K Sun Bomb tournament if you want to take your shot in Week 4.

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