Sunday Spoilers: FanDuel Week 3

Sep 23 5:30pm

Here I am once again to yell at players, coaches, weather, etc… so I don’t have to blame myself for my bad choices! So come vent with me, as I look at all the players that killed our fake teams.

Colin Kaepernick – The lack of offensive weapons in the pass game showed on Sunday as Kaepernick completed just 13-of-27 passes for 150 yards, zero touchdowns and an interception. The loss of Vernon Davis was a big blow as he is one of only two receiving threats for the 49ers. The hope though was Kaepernick’s legs would take over and rush him to fantasy greatness against the Colts, but they were ready for him since they didn’t need to do much to stop the vertical passing game. I believe Vernon Davis will help open up this offense again and give Kaepernick room to run and pass, but I think he owes me some cash.


Eli Manning – Manning connected on 12-of-23 passes for 119 yards and threw an interception while taking seven sacks (he only had 20 all last season!). The Panthers defensive backfield is a shambles, but Manning had absolutely no time to test them since he was either running for his life or lying on his back. Manning should remain a viable QB2 in most leagues with the offensive weapons around him, but he’s looking riskier than need be for our FanDuel teams.


Marshawn Lynch – This matchup was too good to be true, and it was. Lynch lost two goal line touchdowns because the Jaguars made it too easy to toss two short touchdowns to Zach Miller because they stacked the box to stop Lynch.  He was then pulled from the game with four minutes left in the third quarter because they were killing the Jaguars 31-7 and it probably didn’t help that Pete Carroll’s old assistant Gus Bradley is the new head coach in Jacksonville.  He’ll destroy the 49ers, but the jags are too fragile for a true annihilation I guess.


Minnesota Defense – This was supposed to be a cake matchup with Trent Richardson gone and Brian Hoyer in at quarterback for Brandon Weeden, but Hoyer threw three touchdowns and the place holder threw another one. You know you’ve hit rock bottom when your defense doesn’t cover Jordan Cameron out in the flat on a field goal attempt.


Aaron Rodgers – He probably wasn’t in many lineups with a tough game in Cincinnati, but he’s always a worthwhile choice when you know he could throw for four touchdowns against about anyone. So when he completed just 26-of-43 passes for 244 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions, it was a bit odd. It’s actually the first time he’s thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in a regular season game since the 2009 season. It will probably be a while until it happens again.


CJ Spiller – Before leaving the game with a thigh injury Spiller ran the ball 10 times for nine yards and caught another ball for one yard. That’s the definition of getting stuffed and the Jets defense is the team to do it this season. They play aggressively and either stop you behind the line of scrimmage or let you bust for a long run, like Fred Jackson got on one carry.  Jackson had seven carries for 72 yards, which if you take away his 59-yard gain it would have been six carries for 13 yards. Spiller needs to get the ball in space to be able to make defenders miss. He’s still a top talent and his injury seems to be minor.


Eddie Royal – Of course it was inevitable that Royal would come back down to earth. His two receptions for 34 yards and zero touchdowns constitute a reentry from space. Hopefully it wasn’t while he was on your FanDuel teams. He did have a touchdown overturned due to a pick play, so he’s still getting red zone looks which is a good sign, but the Chargers passing numbers are going to come back down along with Royal’s.


Stevan Ridley: There seems to be a full-blown running back committee in New England at the moment. Ridley finished the game with 11 carries for 35 yards while LeGarrette Blount had 14 rushes for 65 yards. It doesn’t look so good, but I still believe Ridley is the more skilled player and will win out, but concern is warranted.


Victor Cruz/Hakeem Nicks/ Brandon Myers: You saw Eli Manning’s numbers up above, so it’s no wonder all three of these guys had huge duds on Sunday (Dudsday for Giants fans). I don’t see this being the norm with all the talent at wide receiver here; so just hold on for dear life.


Dwayne Bowe: In preseason I was high on Bowe based on Andy Reid’s pass first offense and their lack of other quality receivers, but it’s looking like Alex Smith’s arm is just not going to get him the ball over 10 yards down the field. They’re going to have to use him differently if they want to get him the ball going forward, but until then he’ll be on my bench.


Darren Sproles: Sproles will break out here soon enough, but he’s been disappointing so far this season. He’ll always get you a few points no matter, but he needs to start rattling off some longer runs that go for touchdowns, lots and lots of them!


Charles Clay: Clay was a cheap play and he wasn’t goose egged, but his four receptions for 40 yards was still a very disappointing game. Last week he had a goal line carry, but no such luck this week. He’ll probably need those consistently to be considered a fantasy asset.


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