Week 3 Buy Low / Sell High Players

Sep 19 1:51pm

Below I have some guys I am targeting in trades and some guys I’d want to get rid of at the right price. Trading is an art I myself haven’t mastered. I can pick out players I want and others I think will be overvalued, but it takes a lot of time and patience to be good at trading, which I have neither of. So this isn’t a “how to trade” article, but I do think it could help you secure some players for down the road. Good luck!

Buy Low


Stevan Ridley: Ridley fumbled away his chance to rush against the easy Bills run defense and then when he did get the bulk of the work the next week he’s shut down by a very tough Jets run defense.  With Shane Vereen out he has no competition for touches and once Rob Gronkowski returns the offense should run much smoother. He has a tough schedule, but once the offense gets clicking the goal line looks should come along with it.


David Wilson: You can’t get much worse than Wilson has been so far and I can understand shying away from him, but Tom Coughlin isn’t going to be able to shy away from him much more after starting 0-2 and watching his backups rush 17 times for 29 yards. And even though he hasn’t done much better, he at least looks like he has the capability of making something happen compared to Da’Rel Scott and Brandon Jacobs. He also faces Philadelphia twice over the next six week.


Danny Amendola: I’ve had people asking me if they should drop Amendola, so he might be had very cheap. Yes, he has a ton of risk, but if he can be had for pennies on the dollar his upside is too huge to ignore. Even with the guy just below here back, Amendola would probably get even more productive looks. And we know their wide receivers aren’t transforming into Randy Moss any time soon. Of course he could get hurt again, so don’t sell the family farm for him.


Rob Gronkowski: This is the third Patriots player on the buy list and the best one. Of course his value is still high in most people’s eyes, but I don’t think it’s as high as his upside. Once he is back he will put up huge numbers. I don’t like to be so bold in my predictions usually because this game is crazy, but as long as he is healthy he is going to get a ton of targets and we know what he does with them. I could see trading Jimmy Graham straight up for him. I probably wouldn’t because I’m a wuss, but I would back that play.


Greg Jennings: Yeah, he’s been pretty bluh and has an even bluhier quarterback, but hear me out!  Jennings is now running 61% of his routes from the slot. If you add that to the threat of Adrian Peterson and Christian Ponder’s weak arm, you have a good recipe for shorter receptions and quite a few of them.  Last week against a good Bears defense four of his six targets came from when he was in the slot and he caught three of them for 53 yards and dropped another. I think Ponder will realize that he’s their best chance to move the ball after Peterson.


Josh Gordon/Jordan Cameron: After trading Trent Richardson to the Colts for a first round pick you may be pretty worried about these two. It makes sense. Without a strong running game defenses will be able to rush the passer and play tighter coverage. And yes, that’s not good, but, for fantasy you don’t need Brandon Weeden to be good, you just need him to throw the ball to Gordon and Cameron a lot, which he will do. There really is nobody else worth throwing the ball too. It won’t be efficient, but with enough targets both should still be good in fantasy. It’s not like the Browns are now going to quit playing football. Norv Turner and Rob Chudzinski are both offensive minded coaches who will get yards for their receivers.


Andre Johnson: His recent head injury may have soured some on him, but the big game by DeAndre Hopkins also may have give people pause that Johnson will lose targets to Nuk. I’m not worried about that. This offense can only sustain one wide receiver and that is Johnson.

Sell High


Michael Vick: This may be a bit obvious, so may not work, but I think it’s worth a shot. Vick is going to have a hard time staying on the field this season. He left briefly last week, but was able to return. Especially if he’s a backup to a more stable quarterback I would try to shop him to a quarterback deficient team.


Rashard Mendenhall: Mendenhall has looked pretty good this season, but his upside is limited, especially with Ellington getting some passing down duties. I most likely would wait to shop him around until after he takes on the Saints this week who have trouble stopping the run game.


Reggie Bush: His injury status is currently up in the air, but in two games he’s had to leave both with injuries. His numbers Week 1 are so great that his upside may entice people to buy. I wouldn’t sell him for a bag of chips, but I would much rather move him for a safer back if at all possible.


DeAndre Hopkins: I think Hopkins is my biggest sell this week in redraft. The Texans have been in two shootouts and Matt Schaub has been a busy man, but the Texans defense is better than this and it won’t be long until you see the run game and defense take over. Schaub’s 45 and 48 attempts last week are more than 14 of his games last season. Andre Johnson will be back and Hopkins will be second fiddle soon enough.


Fred Jackson: The CJ Spiller owner in your league is probably freaking out a little bit with all the work Fred Jackson is getting, so play on that and get a player with more upside than Jackson. Even if Spiller gets hurt Jackson is not becoming a RB1. And what you are getting out of him in limited work isn’t going to be consistent enough from week to week to start him even at flex.


Marlon Brown: The Ravens defense is good. Yes, they gave up seven touchdowns to Peyton Manning, but they are a young talented group that will keep the score low and make it easier for them to run the ball. Brown is good, but he’s not going to be consistent. You most likely grabbed him off the wire, so package him with someone to get a more reliable player.


James Jones: After week one we were all pretty worried about James Jones, but then Rodgers decided to feature him and he caught a bazillion passes for a bazillion more yards. But I still think he’s going to be hit and miss. The Packers won’t be playing Washington every week.

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