FanDuel Hindsight Report – NFL Week 2: Rodgers That

Sep 18 2:29pm


An exciting Week 2 has come and gone in the NFL. Many questions have been answered, and just as many new ones are being asked. As the dust begins to settle, it’s important to take a good look back at what happened before dashing right into the fray for Week 3.

With that in mind, here are the top scorers, best value picks, and biggest busts of Week 2.

Top Performers in Week 2 (highest scorers)

1. Aaron Rodgers – QB, GB ($9,400) – 34.9 fantasy points
2. Michael Vick – QB, PHI ($8,100) – 33.22 fantasy points
3. Marshawn Lynch – RB, SEA ($8,300) – 33 fantasy points
4. Eddie Royal – WR, SD ($4,500) – 30.5 fantasy points
5. Philip Rivers – QB, SD ($6,900) – 29.86 fantasy points
6. DeSean Jackson – WR, PHI ($5,700) – 29.8 fantasy points
7. Julio Jones – WR, ATL ($8,200) – 29.7 fantasy points
8. Jimmy Graham – TE, NO ($7,800) – 28.9 fantasy points
9. Sam Bradford – QB, STL ($7,000) – 27.58 fantasy points
10. Calvin Johnson – WR, DET ($8,800) – 26.6 fantasy points

With Peyton Manning stealing the show in Week 1, it was easy to ignore the fact that Aaron Rodgers put up his usual solid 25 point effort, good for fourth among all QB’s last week. This time around it was Rodgers’ turn to hog the spotlight, amassing 480 passing yards and four touchdowns in Week 2, good for 34.9 points on FanDuel. Rodgers was also extremely efficient with an 81% completion rate, and could have had even more points if the game was closer. His offensive line, although improved from last year, seems to be the only thing holding back the Packers offense, as Rodgers was sacked four times and has gone down six times already this year.

Three other quarterbacks joined Rodgers in the top 10 scoring list this week, though the names Rivers and Bradford might surprise some. Four wide receivers made the list, continuing the trend of huge games by greedy receivers this year. But with just one running back in the top 10 this week, and only two last week, it is turning out to be a low-scoring year so far for feature backs.

Top Value Picks from Week 2 (most bang for the buck)

1. Eddie Royal – WR, SD ($4,500) – 30.5 fantasy points
2. DeSean Jackson – WR, PHI ($5,700) – 29.8 fantasy points
3. James Starks – RB, GB ($4,500) – 24.8 fantasy points
4. Philip Rivers – QB, SD ($6,900) – 29.86 fantasy points
5. Michael Vick – QB, PHI ($8,100) – 33.22 fantasy points
6. Marshawn Lynch – RB, SEA ($8,300) – 33 fantasy points
7. Aaron Rodgers – QB, GB ($9,400) – 34.9 fantasy points
8. Sam Bradford – QB, STL ($7,000) – 27.58 fantasy points
9. Minnesota Vikings – D, MIN ($5,000) – 21 fantasy points
10. Martellus Bennett – TE, CHI ($5,700) – 23.1 fantasy points

Eddie Royal was certainly treated like nobility as the Eagles defense kindly welcomed him into their end zone three times in Week 2. Royal built upon the strong game he had in Week 1, already bringing his touchdown total for the year to five. With 90 yards and seven receptions on eight targets in Week 2, he was more involved in the offense than in Week 1, albeit partially due to an early second-half injury to Malcolm Floyd. After two weeks at $4,500 that have seen him put up a combined 46.4 points on FanDuel, his price remains at $4,500 in Week 3, where he has a great chance to remain a top value play.

The Week 2 Bust List

1. David Wilson – RB, NYG ($8,100) – 1.7 fantasy points
2. Ray Rice – RB, BAL ($8,700) – 4 fantasy points
3. New York Giants – D, NYG ($5,000) – -2 fantasy points
4. Eddie Lacy – RB, GB ($6,900) – 1 fantasy point
5. Anquan Boldin – WR, SF ($6,700) – 1.2 fantasy points
6. Jared Cook – TE, STL ($6,300) – 1.5 fantasy points
7. Colin Kaepernick – QB, SF ($9,200) – 8.78 fantasy points
8. Maurice Jones-Drew – RB, JAC ($7,500) – 3.3 fantasy points
9. Jason Witten – TE, DAL ($6,800) – 2.7 fantasy points
10. Brent Celek – TE, PHI ($4,500) – 0 fantasy points

For the second week in a row, the New York Giants fielded a starting fantasy player in negative scoring territory. In Week 1 it was David Wilson, and in Week 2 it was their defense, which gave up 41 points to the Broncos while recording no sacks and just one turnover. Wilson himself made the list again in Week 2, extending his ride on the bust wagon that looks to have no end in sight. The Giants have a ton of talent but seem to be having major issues in all phases of the game. They’ll look to get on track, or at least avoid any negative scorers, against the Panthers in Week 3.

There were also quite a few tight ends who had big games in Week 1 but put up duds in Week 2. Tight end production can be extremely up-and-down from week to week, and at the end of the day it seems either you pay for Jimmy Graham or you accept the consequences of drafting a potential bust.

Big Winner Spotlight – drawman drops the Bomb, turns $25 into $15,000


Any FanDuel user looking to hit it big each week should take a serious look at entering the Sunday NFL Bomb tournament. Drawman did just that in Week 2 and with a score of 192.4 points, he turned a mere $25 entry fee into a cool $15,000 in his very first NFL win on FanDuel. Here’s a look at his team:

Aaron Rodgers ($9,400) was the highest scoring player on FanDuel in Week 2, with his aforementioned 480 passing yards and four touchdowns. Rodgers now has seven touchdowns through two weeks to just one interception, an excellent start to the year, but one that also makes you realize just how great a game Peyton Manning had in Week 1. Still, Rodgers was the play this week and should continue to be a force all year. His ownership percentage will likely be significantly higher in Week 3.

Lesean McCoy ($8,600) actually had fewer points this week than in Week 1, with just 53 yards on 11 rushing attempts, 20 fewer attempts than in Week 1. No matter, as McCoy ramped up his involvement in the Eagles’ passing game, catching five balls on six targets for 114 yards, including a 70-yarder. The Eagles offense took a little time to get going in Week 2, but it ended up looking just fine and McCoy is still the best player and most consistent fantasy producer on the team. However, with his ownership percentage over 50% last week, drafting him won’t necessarily gain you much of an advantage against your FanDuel opponents.

Matt Forte ($8,300) had a nice game running the football with 90 yards on 19 carries, but it was his staggering efforts in the passing game that made him so valuable in Week 2. Forte caught all 11 balls thrown his way, taking them for 71 yards. His one lost fumble put a slight damper on an otherwise excellent fantasy performance. If Forte continues to be this involved in the passing game the consistency of his point totals would certainly be improved.

Tavon Austin ($5,600) turned up the volume in Week 2, being targeted an impressive 12 times. Although he only caught six of those passes and for just 47 yards, he managed to get into the end zone twice. Austin also got an honorable mention in the rushing game for the second week in a row, a good sign that the team plans to keep him involved in the offense in multiple ways.

DeSean Jackson ($5,700) was the bargain of the week, and his ownership percentage reflected that as almost 50% of lineups included Jackson. He absolutely delivered on expectations catching nine balls on 15 targets for 193 yards, at times seeming to be the only receiver Michael Vick wanted anything to do with. Jackson also scored a touchdown on a beautiful 61-yard reception where he burned both defenders chasing him. It is reasonable to expect more big things from Jackson in Week 3, although you’ll have to pay $7,400 to get him this time.

Pierre Garcon ($6,600) had his best game yet in a Washington uniform, catching eight passes on 13 targets for 143 yards and a touchdown. RG3 and the Washington offense have looked shaky through the first two weeks, but Garcon is on pace for his best season and could easily get there if Washington continues to play from behind.

Martellus Bennett ($5,700) was the cheap tight end to play this week, with seven catches on nine targets for 76 yards, and most importantly two touchdowns. TD production is what you want from your tight end, and Bennett has delivered three times already this year. While Jay Cutler will always look for Brandon Marshall first, Bennett appears to be next in line in the red zone.

Meanwhile, Dan Bailey ($5,000) and the Dallas Cowboys ($5,000) showed why most FanDuel users go as cheap as possible at kicker and defense. Drawman elected to do so, even leaving $100 in salary on the table while going with minimum priced players at those positions. While they didn’t put up an extraordinary amount of points, 21 from his K/D combination were solid enough to take home first place and win him the big prize.

Here’s a link to this week’s $250K Sun Bomb tournament if you want to take your shot in Week 3.

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