Sunday Spoilers: FanDuel Week 2

Sep 16 4:22pm

This column is going to be me yelling at players, coaches, weather, etc… so I don’t have to blame myself for my bad choices! So come vent with me, as I look at all the players that killed our fake teams.


Terrelle Pryor: ($6,500) Well, I figured Pryor’s floor was a little higher than his 126 yards passing and 50 yards rushing. The rushing yards kept him from zilch, but it was still not enough to help you win without big games in other parts of your lineup. Going forward he’ll still be valuable in FanDuel because of his price, but he’ll remain a risky play.


Colin Kaepernick: ($9,200) Many of you probably didn’t have Kaepernick because of the tough matchup, but after his huge game against the Packers it was looking like he could be matchup proof. As of last night he’s not and nobody who goes up against Seattle should be on your daily teams.


Drew Brees: ($9,600) Brees managed to throw yet another 300+ yard game, his eighth in a row, but ended up as the 16th best FanDuel quarterback. The Buccaneers couldn’t stop Jimmy Graham, but did intercept Brees twice and only allow one touchdown pass. We should look to avoid the Bucs defense for the time being.


Eddie Lacy: ($6,900) I’m sure there are many FanDuelers cussing the name Brandon Meriweather this morning. Eddie Lacy took his first carry for a nice gain of 10 yards and was held up and then Meriweather launched himself helmet first into his head and concussed him. This is not a new thing for Meriweather and I hope he is severely punished, but he did get some karma back his way when he did the same thing to James Starks, but instead of concussing Starks he concussed himself.

Of course Starks went on to have a huge game that Eddie Lacy no doubt would have had as well, but of course no FanDuelers had him on their teams. It’s impossible to know how long it will take Lacy to recover from his brain injury, but we do know that Washington has an awful defense and we should start the lowliest of players against them.


Maurice Jones-Drew: ($7,500) It looked like the return of Chad Henne and a better matchup against the Raiders might help MJD get back on track, but he was shut down along with the offense, carrying the ball 10 times for 27 yards in the first half before spraining his ankle. Before the season started it looked like Cecil Shorts and MJD would have some fantasy value, but this team is going to be difficult to find a decent fantasy player from this year.


Reggie Bush:  ($8,000) The Lions offense is the perfect fit for Bush and for fantasy production, but he can’t seem to stay on the field. He had 3 receptions for 44 yards early and looked like he was on to another big day, but he hurt his knee and then came back for a little bit, then re-tweaked it and left for good. That’s two games with 3-4 injuries piling up on his body now and it’s going to be hard trusting him to stay in a game this season.


DeAngelo Williams: ($6,500) Williams had a great matchup against the Bills and 22 carries. That spells success, but not this week. He finished the game with 85 yards and not a single target because Mike Tolbert is the passing down back. He still has upside if they are giving him that many carries, but the Panthers’ offense is not clicking at the moment.


Demaryius Thomas: ($8,600) The Giants were a plus matchup for Thomas, but he only had 6 targets compared to 8 for Wes Welker, 9 for Julius Thomas and 13 for Eric Decker. And those 6 targets went for 5 receptions for 52 yards. This isn’t a perfect science, but Peyton Manning does tend to favor guys who he didn’t get many passes to or had poor games the week before. That seemed to be the case this week with Decker who had a bad week 1 while DT had a huge week 1. Does that mean Thomas has a big game next week? Maybe.


Vincent Jackson: ($8,000) The Jets have a better pass defense than the Saints so it seemed to reason that Jackson could at least put up similar numbers to his big week one game in New York, but sadly no. He did have a big touchdown called back due to an illegal formation penalty, but unfortunately you don’t get any FanDuel points for that. The Bucs have some nice fantasy players, but it is tough to watch that team fall apart with the rift between Josh Freeman and Greg Schiano.


Reggie Wayne: ($7,000) This week was the T.Y. Hilton show in Indianapolis so Wayne took a back seat. This will be a fluid situation based on coverage and game flow so won’t worry too much about him going forward.


Jared Cook:  ($6,300) Here is the reason I prefer to start Jimmy Graham if I can. Jared cook put up huge numbers week one and looked like the main man in the Rams’ offense, but in just one week he dropped down to one reception for 10 yards. Tight ends are notoriously inconsistent. Sometimes they need to block or are schemed toward defensively and they’re usually not matchup proof. He did see six targets which is a decent sign that at least he wasn’t forgotten and he’ll have more big games, but as you can see he isn’t a lock each week.


Jason Witten:  ($6,800) The Kansas City defense is no joke. They did allow a big day to Dez Bryant by single covering him with Brandon Flowers, but it allowed them to cover Witten and others well. He ended up with 8 targets but only caught 3 for 12 yards. The Chiefs shut down everyone on the Cowboys besides Bryant this weekend. Be wary of them moving forward.


Tony Gonzalez: ($7,000) So far, not so good for Gonzalez. Yes, he scored a touchdown last week, but Roddy White has been out and in two games he has just 7 receptions for 69 yards. Last season he started off hot, but you can’t forget that age always wins out.  And for his price he needs to have more upside than he does.

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