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2013 FFFC Finalist: Rjenkins22 Wins First Trip to Vegas

Sep 16 2:58pm

Behind the three-headed monster of Colin Kaepernick, Adrian Peterson, and salsa aficionado Victor Cruz, FanDuel vet rljenkins22 turned his entry in FanDuel’s Week 1 $10 FFFC Qualifier into a trip to Vegas for a chance to become a millionaire!

“These things are so big,” said rjenkins 22 in a stunned yet confident tone.

So big that rjenkins22 has undoubtedly become an icon to young fantasy players everywhere. But what is his routine? How does he prepare? Rjenkins22 shares his secrets…

What is your favorite game time snack?

Have a big glass of milk, make sure everyone is going to be playing, and then sit down and have a couple of cookies… oreos.


Who was your greatest fantasy performer ever?

Doug Martin 251 yards, 52 fantasy points? Last year.


If you could change one rule regarding fantasy football, what would it be?

.5 to .25 for points per reception.


What song best defines your style of play?

Hail to the King- Avenged Sevenfold


Do you have a sports hero and if so, who?

Eddie george. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and was five years old when he won the Heisman. When we moved to Houston, he was drafted by the Oilers.


If you could describe daily fantasy sports in one word, what would it be?



What do you love about FanDuel?

I’m a mathematical guy and I feel like there is some sort of algorithm to it. I like the fact that you can base picks off matchups.


If you had to compare yourself as a fantasy player to one fictional character, who would it be and why?

Batman. When gametime comes I have to get my gameface on.


What will you do with the $1 million if you win?

You always ask that question, what will you do? Take about $200-250,000 buy a house in an area where we can invest in property. Put some in a retirement fund. Invest a lot of it. Keep a ton of money on FanDuel!

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