Week 1 Live Scoring Problems – We're Sorry

Sep 11 1:28pm

On Sunday, some of you experienced issues with our live scoring screens. Some people were unable to see their Live Contests screen for a while, and scoreboards were generally slow to load until 5pm ET. We apologize for these problems and the poor experience that resulted, particularly if you are new to FanDuel. We have identified the causes of the problems and fixed them. If you’re interested, the technical details are at the bottom of this post.

We understand that following live scoring is one of the most fun parts of playing on FanDuel, and that many of you were disappointed with the experience you had this past weekend. To say sorry, we are adding $10,000 worth of freerolls to our regular contest schedule for Week 2:

NFL Fumble #1 – Free entry, $2000 prize pool (full)

NFL Fumble #2 – Free entry, $2000 prize pool

NFL Fumble #3 – Free entry, $2000 prize pool

NFL Fumble #4 – Free entry, $2000 prize pool

NFL Fumble #5 – Free entry, $2000 prize pool

Feel free to enter any one of them. Our regular restriction of one freeroll per game day will apply.

Things are all set for a smooth Week 2 of NFL contests, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you on the site. As always, if you have suggestions for how we can continue to make FanDuel better, please send them to (or submit a support ticket with your suggestions).

Technical details

Two issues this Sunday surfaced under the extreme traffic conditions of NFL Week 1 that were not previously identified in our pre-season testing: (1) a session management problem led to access issues with My Live Contests, (2) a badly performing load balancer restricted our ability to serve contest scoreboards quickly. Once both were resolved live scoring was back to its normal sub-second load times.

We had an unprecedented number of servers online on Sunday, and our full technical team worked nonstop until the problems were resolved. We’re confident these problems will not resurface again in Week 2.

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