Sunday Spoilers: FanDuel Week 1

Sep 09 3:25pm

This column is going to be me yelling at players, coaches, weather, etc… so I don’t have to blame myself for my bad choices! So come vent with me, as I look at all the players that killed our fake teams.


David Wilson: Two of my “safe” plays for Sunday were the exact opposite of safe.  Wilson had a great matchup against a depleted Cowboys line and blew it when he fumbled twice and was benched. The Giants are trying out some veteran running backs like Brandon Jacobs and Willis McGahee this week, so keep an eye on that if you own Wilson in a redraft league, but Wilson is by far the most talented runner they will find. He’ll get his shot again, but will be a long while before I feel comfortable starting him after he gave me NEGATIVE points on all my teams.


Stevan Ridley: The other double doghouse fumbler was Ridley. And of course he was on many of my FanDuel teams this week. After his second fumble he was benched, but unlike the Giants, the Patriots have a more than capable backup in Shane Vereen who caught seven passes and totaled 159 yards on 21 total touches, which would have given Vereen a nice jump on a running back competition, but it was just reported that he broke a bone in his wrist and will be out 2-3 weeks. This is unfortunate for Vereen and his fantasy owners, but great news for Ridley and his.


Kenbrell Thompkins/Zach Sudfeld: Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to play cheap players and here are a couple of them. If you had told me that Thompkins would get 14 targets against a depleted Bills secondary I might have cried from happiness as I inserted him into every lineup. But now I’m crying from depression from putting him in every lineup. He ended up catching only four of those 14 targets for 42 yards and looked lost doing even that. If I knew he’d still get those targets in the weeks to come I’d be hard pressed not to give him more looks on my teams, but I think we have to go into wait and see mode for now.

Sudfeld, the other “sleeper” never even set his alarm. On his one target he helped the defense intercept Tom Brady. It’s now being reported that he pulled his hamstring which kept him out of the fourth quarter. He has history of injury troubles and Rob Gronkowski is coming back sooner than later, so if you need to drop him feel free to.


Cecil Shorts: He may not have been in a ton of FanDuel lineups, but he is a very good receiver and while Justin Blackmon is out should see a bunch of targets. Unfortunately those targets are coming from Blaine Gabbert. He caught just 3 of his 11 targets for 40 yards, which mostly came in garbage time. It’s going to be tough for him to be consistent.


Calvin Johnson: He was constantly double-teamed and came very close to a touchdown reception, but it just wasn’t to be this week. Stafford spread the ball around with Johnson getting 9 targets, Reggie Bush 8, Nate Burleson 6, Joique Bell 6, Brandon Pettigrew 4 and so on. If Bush keeps beating teams in the short passing game it should help loosen up things for Megatron.


Cam Newton: Nobody expected Newton to go off on the Seahawks, but his 16-of-23 passing for 125 yards and one touchdown to go along with 38 yards rushing was disappointing.  Even Ron Rivera admits they were too conservative in their approach. Hopefully we’ll see him as the focal point of the offense going forward.


Ben Roethlisberger: I expected more out of him at home against the Titans and without a running back, but he was sacked 5 times and lost his starting center and third down running back in the process. The Steelers couldn’t move the ball against a mediocre Titans defense and I’d be surprised if that changes soon.


C.J. Spiller: He touched the ball 22 times, which last year would mean a hundred yards or more, but this week it meant 55 yards and no touchdowns. He did take a hit to the head and then we saw an increase in snaps for Fred Jackson, but he never really left the game, so it’s hard to know for sure what was happening there. I’d be buying low on Spiller if at all possible. He’s just too good.


Trent Richardson: Richardson had a tough matchup against Miami, but he also was under used with a total of 15 touches. He totaled 77 yards and looked quick and got more than was given to him. If you can pry him away from his owner do it fast.


T.Y. Hilton: The Colts offense should run through their best player right? And their best player without any doubt is quarterback Andrew Luck. This is a given. So why in a close game did he only throw the ball 23 times for 178 yards against a horrible Raiders secondary? Oh, and why did Hilton, their second best receiver, almost rivaling Reggie Wayne, only come in for three wide receiver sets? Well, I think ol’ Pep Hamilton needs to get out of the 30’s, change his name to Don Coryell and get to chucking the ball.


Roddy White: Mr. White hadn’t missed a game in his career and I wish he’d have sat this one out. He was used as a decoy due to his high-ankle sprain. He also tweeted today that fantasy players shouldn’t start him if he doesn’t practice, which is kind of cool of him.


Dez Bryant: The Giants double-teamed him the whole game and made Miles Austin and Jason Witten Romo’s main targets. As long as Witten and Austin stay healthy it will be tough for teams to keep him that bottled up and the Cowboys should start to move him around more. He’s too good to be held down for long.

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