New Feature Alert: Enhanced Live Scoring

August 28 12:42pm
Scott Shay

We are excited to announce some updates to our live scoring screens on desktop and mobile, just in time for football season. The new additions include:

Percentage owned – for contests with three or more entries the “% owned” numbers on each player show how many entries in the contest have that player in their roster. This will give you an idea of which players are the ones to watch.

Time remaining indicators – for each entry we display a time remaining indicator that shows how much time is left to play for that entry’s roster. For baseball this is total innings remaining across all games a player is in. For football and NBA basketball it is total quarters remaining. For college basketball it is total halves remaining, and for NHL contests it is total periods remaining. This will give you an idea of which entries are done, and which could come from behind to snatch a win late in the day.

Salary – a player’s salary is now shown next to their name so you can see how players perform relative to their salary more easily.

Box score stats – we now show the stats a player puts up to get their score right next to their name, so you don’t have to rollover to see them.

Game scores – scores of the games that the contest is based on are shown in a row at the top of the screen.

Design improvements – we have updated the design to have a more modern look and respond to different screen sizes, so it also looks good on tablets. Previously color was used on the background of player rows to show game state. This is now shown by the color of the player name and score (gray for pre-game, a green score and circle in-play, black for both when finished).

Mobile improvements – all of the above are available on desktop and mobile sites. The mobile site now updates automatically too, so you don’t have to refresh manually any more.

Where is “My position”?

On the old live scoring screen we had a “My position” button that would take you to your position. You can now achieve this by clicking the “Pos” square on the roster breakdown.

This also works for other roster breakdowns you might be viewing, for example if you were watching two of your entries to the same contest. We believe this is a better, more general way to zoom to any entry’s position.

We hope these additions will make your live scoring experience on FanDuel even more exciting. As always, if you have any feedback please let us know at

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