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JayDontPay: DFBC Finalist

Aug 02 1:26am
How long have you been playing on FanDuel?
I joined FanDuel in September of last year. My buddy Matt Choate (mctubesock) had joined and was having fun on the site so he encouraged me to join. I’ve been hooked ever since.
Have you ever won anything like this in fantasy sports?
Nothing I’ve ever accomplished in fantasy sports comes close to qualifying for the DFBC. Its always fun competing for championships in yearly leagues, but going to Vegas for a shot at 200k is an experience of a lifetime and the ultimate bragging right.
What strategy goes into picking your lineups?
I really don’t have a set strategy when setting my lineups. Of course finding an SP with value and going from there is ideal, and researching weather, lineups, and matchups are mandatory,but  most of the decisions I make are based on gut feeling and how I picture the MLB day unfolding.
Describe what it was like to win the qualifier. Who were your biggest impact players?
They day I picked my winning team, the first player I locked in was Tepesch. I had a feeling Texas would handle Lucas Harrel so my next 3 players chosen were also Rangers. First Cruz, then Beltre, and Kinsler. Because Beltre and Kinsler were priced in the low $3000 range I had enough to snatch up Bautista, Jose Reyes, and Goldschmidt. I’m not a big Kevin Correia fan so I felt good about picking 2 guys at the top of the order to go against him even though Bautista and Reyes hadn’t exactly lit it up in their previous few games.Desmond Jennings had been on fire and Wieters owns Nova so they rounded out my lineup. For the most part it was a pretty balanced attack (6 players scored between 7.75 and 9 points) but Tepesch definitely deserves MVP for that night  He scored 14 points and his constant points every inning kept me in the hunt all night long.
The night I won was EPIC!  Me, the wifey and kids were vacationing at my parents house about 4 hours north of San Francisco and the weather was in triple digits. I had just finished setting my lineup and games were about to start. I grabbed the cooler, tablet, and phone and headed poolside. After the first few innings of the early games I was already  in the top 10. Wieters had homered, Jennings was creating havoc on the base paths, and Reyes and Bautista started strong. The 5 o’clock games had started as well and Cruz was up with the bases loaded and a 3-2 count. He hit a grand slam to left center and that catapulted me into 1st. I actually did a home run trot around the swimming pool and my wife asked me how much I had on the game. My response was “Vegas!, we have a shot.” She said “No way” and she and my daughter ran out of the pool to look at the standings. 2 innings later Beltre was up so I made everyone in the house watch the at-bat. He didn’t disappoint. He homered off the foul pole in left and we all went nuts. Right about then Nieuwenhuis was having an epic day of his own. He was in the middle of a 19 point barrage and it seemed like I was the only person who didn’t have him. He had just doubled in a run (I knew I lost the lead because Tepesch was in the middle of his only bad inning giving up 3 runs), but before I could  hit refresh on the standings Goldschmidt did the same exact thing for me. I was now up by only maybe 1.5 points and my biggest threat still had Hamilton and Pedroia going. That game started at 7:05 and so did my pacing. Non stop for over 3 hours. I sweated through 8 at bats between the two suffering only 2 singles and it finally came down to Hamiltons 2-out 9th inning at-bat and a 1.25 point cushion. This time I didn’t have to make everyone watch. We were all there in the kitchen standing around a laptop with Vegas on the line. He struck out on 3 pitches and Vegas is finally a reality!
How long have you been playing fantasy baseball?
I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for 17 years and can’t get enough of it. I love the game of baseball and with daily leagues now an option as well, it’s only getting better.
How do you like daily fantasy vs regular fantasy?
Daily fantasy baseball is great because of the ability to have different players everyday. In my yearly leagues I always lead the league in trades and actually traded the Triple Crown winner last year. TWICE! just to mix things up. Also I like the idea of starting fresh everyday and not having to deal with injuries that could kill your season.
What is your favorite thing about FanDuel?
I love FanDuel because there’s always a ton of action for every type of game and every kind of budget. If I only wanna enter a few $1 or $2 teams I can still have a pretty good payday because of the size of the tournaments, and if I want to go bigger theres always a $109 or $270 head to head challenge waiting for me. What I like most about FanDuel though is how fast and easy it is to get paid. I work graveyard and whenever I make a withdraw request at night, the money is always in my Paypal account before I get off work the next morning.
What will you do with the $200,000 if you win it?
If I won the $200,000 the first thing I’d do is throw a big party and just enjoy the achievement with my friends and family. I’d pay off my debts, help out some people, fund my FanDuel account for real, set some money aside for my kids to go to college, and save the rest. Pretty generic answer I know, but that’s allot of money! Who knows I may get crazy and put it all down on the Giants to win the West!
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