Fantasy Football WR Rankings for 2013

Jul 30 12:57pm

Wide Receivers are deep this season, but I still find myself trying to grab a top 10 guy if at all possible, while still getting the running backs I want. Of course getting the cake and having it and eating and digesting and well, you get the picture, isn’t all that easy. Wait, yeah it is. I bought a cake the other day and ate it right up. I’m not sure anyone ever really looked into that metaphor. Anyway, here are my wide receiver rankings!

(#1) Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson
His touchdown numbers were down last season. Just think about that for a second.

(#2) Dez Bryant
Dez was an absolute beast to finish 2012. Looks like he finally figured it out.

(#3) A.J. Green
If the Bengals set foot in the red zone, Green is getting a call.

(#4) Brandon Marshall
He’s still the main target in an even more upbeat offense.

(#5) Julio Jones
If he can put together 16 weeks of consistent football he’s a top 3 wide receiver.

(#6) Demaryius Thomas
Welker could take away a few targets, but will help the targets he does see become more productive.  The Broncos will have plenty of fantasy love to pass around.

(#7) Larry Fitzgerald
He’s too good to be held down again and Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer will make sure of that.

(#8) Andre Johnson
Johnson finished last season strong and should pick right back up where he left off.

(#9) Vincent Jackson
VJax moved to a new team not known for a great passing offense last season and had a career year. He’s that good.

(#10) Percy Harvin
He’s such an explosive player from every part of the field, that if Seattle uses him well, he could be a top 5 fantasy player.

(#11) Jordy Nelson
Nelson missed 5 games and still had 7 touchdowns last season. He’s a top receiver with Rodgers at the helm and Greg Jennings gone.

(#12) Victor Cruz
Cruz proved last season he’s not a flash in the pan and now that he’s inked a contract I feel safe drafting him here.

(#13) Randall Cobb
Like Harvin, Cobb is a dynamic talent that can make things happen all over the field. Touchdowns might be hard to come by, but he will get enough targets to make them happen.

(#14) Roddy White
He’s as steady as they go. More upside in PPR with Jones taking some touchdowns away, but he’s not going anywhere.

(#15) Dwayne Bowe
He’s the main threat for the Chiefs in the passing game and Andy Reid loves the passing game.

(#16) Hakeem Nicks
He has all the skills in the world, but can’t seem to stay on the field. He’s too good to let fall far though.

(#17) Marques Colston
He’s about as steady as a receiver gets. Every year besides ’08, when he was injured, he has topped 1,ooo receiving yards and 7 touchdowns.

(#18) Steve Smith
He was inconsistent last season, but finished strong and doesn’t have many receivers that will take away targets. And I think he might be immortal.

(#19) Eric Decker
Decker will still be a touchdown hog, but could lose a few targets to Wes Welker.

(#20) Pierre Garcon
We need to keep an eye on his health, but if he seems healthy, he can be a top 10 guy and will shoot up the rankings board.

(#21) Danny Amendola
There are a lot of targets left on the field with Welker in Denver and Hernandez in the Bristol County House of Corrections. If Amendola can stay healthy he can get a huge chunk of them.

(#22) Antonio Brown
It’s hard to get a good feel for how productive the Steelers offense will be, but Ben Roethlisberger will get the ball to Brown often.

(#23) Mike Wallace
I like Wallace this season. Much like Vincent Jackson last year, I think Wallace can take his deep receiving game on the road. When Roethlsiberger played last season he had 8 TDs in 13 games. Ryan Tannehill is no slouch on the deep ball either.

(#24) Ty Hilton
Luck will continue to improve and Hilton should improve his drop percentage. Over the last 9 games of 2012 he was the 9th best fantasy wide receiver.

(#25) Reggie Wayne
I like Hilton to nudge Wayne out in fantasy this season. He put up good fantasy numbers last season, but had to do it on way too many targets, targets he won’t see this year.

(#26) Wes Welker
It will be hard for him to get as many targets as he is used to, but Manning’s arm isn’t what it once was and he’ll be happy to use Welker early and often on quick patterns. He will move up in my PPR rankings.

(#27) Torrey Smith
I want to rank him higher, but that offense is fairly inconsistent for receivers. The loss of Anquan Boldin helps a little, but I’m still wary.

(#28) Danario Alexander
I’m staying away from the Chargers unless I get good value in drafts. I love Alexander, but he’s still a high injury risk and I don’t usually believe in the term “injury risk.”

(#29) DeSean Jackson
Chip Kelly’s offense is custom fit for Jackson. If they can get rolling he could return to prominence.

(#30) James Jones
He relied on touchdowns last season for his fantasy relevance, but he still has a quarterback who can get him those touchdowns. I just rather not risk the regression to the mean.

(#31) Cecil Shorts
The loss of Justin Blackmon for the first four games will help get Shorts started and he showed a ton of ability last season.

(#32) Greg Jennings
I think Jennings still is a talented receiver and could really outplay his ADP if everything comes together, but he is still risky with Christian Ponder throwing him the ball.

(#33) Josh Gordon
I like him. He’ll be inconsistent, but I see Norv Turner making this passing offense relevant again.

(#34) Kenny Britt
Britt has a a ton of upside and a megaton of downside, but he should be healthy to start this season and he’s playing for a contract.

(#35) Miles Austin
Austin feels like a lost player in the NFL right now. His hamstring issues seem to be following him around. Of course if he’s healthy all season he outplays this ranking by a good margin.

(#36) Mike Williams
Williams is a steady player who is targeted a lot in the red zone. He needs those TDs to be fantasy relevant, but it’s not fluky that he gets them.

(#37) Steve Johnson
I’m weary of the Bills passing game this season. It’s Spiller or nobody for me.

(#38) Tavon Austin
Plenty of room for Austin to make an impact this season and if he can come close to his ceiling, he’s a steal this late.

(#39) Jeremy Maclin
He’s yet to put a season together that I think he’s capable of. If the team thrives under Kelly, this could be the year.

Note: Maclin has been diagnosed with a torn ACL since this article was written. Needless to say, do not draft Jeremy Maclin this year.

(#40) Lance Moore
He has knack for getting in the end zone and Drew Brees throws the ball more than a human should be able.

(#41) Sidney Rice
He’s still talented and youngish. The concern is always health.

(#42) Denarius Moore
I’m in the middle of a tier of players that are pretty interchangeable at this point. Moore has a ton of ability and upside, but is maddening to own on a team that won’t move the ball much.

(#43) Anquan Boldin
The loss of Crabtree most likely makes Boldin a more consistent fantasy player, but I still think his ceiling is low.

(#44) Emmanuel Sanders
He’ll be the #2 receiver with a pretty good quarterback and Heath Miller most likely starting the season on the PUP list.

(#45) Aaron Dobson
If he wins the job in New England he will no doubt be in an offense that can make a player a fantasy star. He could ride the bench all year, but his upside is worth the risk this late.

(#46) Ryan Broyles
I like him a lot in this offense, especially if the reports of his ACL recovery are accurate.

(#47) Justin Blackmon
Blackmon is suspended for the first 4 games, but played well last season and should be able to contribute when he returns.

(#48) Michael Floyd
I am a fan of Floyd’s and think Palmer helps him a little. At this point I think it’s fine to reach for a guy you like.

(#49) Reuben Randle
With Nicks unable to stay healthy, Randle should see work in a good offense.

(#50) Kendall Wright
The Titans have some good young receivers and he’s probably the best of the lot, but they’ll need to take a big step forward as an offense for the secondary guys to have fantasy relevance.

(#51) Chris Givens
Givens has a lot of talent on a team with a bunch of young players with a lot of talent. Predicting how they fit together is extremely tough right now, but I’d take him over a boring, low ceiling dude.

(#52) Santonio Holmes
Who knows what will happen for sure at quarterback in New York, but Holmes is their best receiver and if he’s healthy will lead the team.

(#53) Alshon Jeffery
Jeffery is a good possession and red zone receiver, but will be competing with Bennett and Marshall for TDs.

(#54) Darrius Heyward-Bey
If DHB gets it together in Indy, he could have some value with Luck throwing him the ball. He has some bust potential, but I have a feeling I’ll own him on quite a few teams.

(#55) Vincent Brown
As long as he’s healthy he should be starting and really, whoever can stay healthy for the always injured Chargers receivers could produce.

(#56) Cordarrelle Patterson
Patterson’s ability to create with the ball in his hands is great. If he starts and get targets in the slot, he will surprise a lot of people.

(#57) Greg Little
If the Norv Turner offense can get moving in Cleveland, Little could have some value, especially if he can get a leg up on Gordon for targets.

(#58) Brian Hartline
He showed that he is a capable receiver last season and is a better fit as the #2 guy to Wallace than as a #1, but he’s allergic to the end zone.

(#59) Jeremy Kerley
Could be the Jets best option at receiver if Holmes doesn’t heal well. Kind of sad, but might have value in PPR leagues.

(#60) Brandon LaFell
LaFell doesn’t seem talented enough to rise above his position in this offense, but he is the #2 receiver.

(#61) DeAndre Hopkins
Should start across from Andre Johnson week one which is a nice place to be. The Texans run first offense is what will slow him down the most.

(#62) Brian Quick
If that offense can click, there could be room for some fantasy up and comers like Quick, but that’s a big if.

(#63) Markus Wheaton
Haley’s offense is a quick learn. Wheaton could make strides this year.

(#64) Golden Tate
Tate is a good player, but lost a lot of work when Percy Harvin became a Seahawk. This offense is stacked, but won’t be in many shootouts with their defense being one of the best in the game.

(#65) Nate Burleson
Burleson’s value comes from the pass often Lions. He can’t create on his own.

(#66) Keenan Allen
Allen could see significant time for the Chargers with the injury ward they have at wide receiver.

(#67) Mohamed Sanu
Being across from Green can’t hurt.

(#68) Malcom Floyd
I think Brown and DA are the guys to own in SD.

(#69) Joseph Morgan
He will stretch the field and have a few good games, but he’ll need an injury to get enough targets to be valuable.

(#70) Andre Roberts
I like Michael Floyd to beat Roberts out for targets this season. Bruce Arians can make many receivers fantasy relevant, but the offensive line may have something to say about that.

(#71) Stephen Hill
They have little at QB, but the fact that the Jets didn’t draft a WR shows they have faith in Hill as the #2.

(#72) Jarius Wright
The additions of Jennings and Patterson killed Wright’s value. He’ll need one of them to go away.

(#73) Justin Hunter
Will need some help to get targets.

(#74) Leonard Hankerson
Hank didn’t live up to my expectations last season, but he’s still young.

(#75) Aldrick Robinson
He might be the deep threat RGIII needs.

(#76) Robert Woods
He should be starting day one, but Spiller, Jackson and Johnson are the main weapons and Manuel or Kolb will have trouble getting Woods enough targets.

(#77) Rod Streater
Oakland looks to be a bit of a fantasy wasteland in the passing game this season with Matt Flynn at the helm.

(#78) Nate Washington
Time to give the youngsters a shot.

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