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K_Lim and Pepsi7 – the DFBC’s Domestic Rivalry

Jul 16 12:42pm

We’ve seen some interesting phenomenons during the live FanDuel championships in Las Vegas; everything from uncle-nephew tandems to brothers facing off for $150,000 – but never before have we seen a husband and a wife competing for a FanDuel championship! K_Lim and Pepsi7 not only both won seats to the DFBC final – they each won that coveted second seat as well!

It’s one thing to defeat your friends in fantasy sports – it’s quite another to be up against your spouse. For Kim and Chris, there is a lot more on the line than the massive $200,000 first prize. Eternal bragging rights hang in the balance.


When did you both start playing on FanDuel? Did either of you refer the other? 

(Chris) I started playing FanDuel in May of last year. I eventually convinced Kim to start playing this past November.

(Kim) I started by playing football in the fall and now I am enjoying baseball as well.



How long have you both been playing Fantasy baseball?

(Chris) I have been playing for well over 20 years.

(Kim) This is my first year. So far so good!



You must have a bit of a rivalry at home with fantasy sports. Who’s got the most W’s?!

(Chris) To be honest, we do not have much of a rivalry. We usually watch the games and cheer together.

(Kim) I am not the most competitive person, so I prefer to cheer with my husband. Chris has played a ton more than me, I am still learning, so he has more W’s. But one day I may pass him.



Do you two share lineup strategies? You probably won’t be during the final! 

(Chris) Yes. I share everything with Kim. We are usually on the same page for the most part.

(Kim) Because I am still new to the game, I rely on Chris as a mentor. I rarely go against his advice or strategy suggestions. It has worked great for us so far.



It must have been awesome when you realized you were both heading for Vegas – describe the nights you both won.

(Chris) It was an awesome feeling. I was lucky enough to win a seat last year, so I knew what an amazing experience it was and desperately wanted to go back. I won it on an extra inning home run by Adrian Beltre. We stayed up until around 1:30 a.m. knowing that he could come up in extras and that I had to have a homerun to win. I was in total shock when he actually hit it. The baseball gods were with me on that night.

We were hosting a birthday party that night so I was catching updates on my phone and from Chris. Chris was in first place most of the night until “Kim’s Angels” (Kendrick, Hamilton and Trout) had a big inning and I passed him. I had less than a one-point lead through most of the late games, which was making me extremely nervous. Kyle Blanks hit a late home run to seal it for me. I was absolutely thrilled!



Clearly, you’ll share the grand prize if one of you should win it – is there a side wager going on or is it all about the bragging rights? What are your plans for the $200,000 should you win it? 

(Chris) The bragging rights for this are massive. I cannot lose this HUGE even to my wife, could you imagine? The plan is to put most of our winnings towards the mortgage. I am sure there will also be a nice vacation in there as well.

(Kim) Oh, I am beating him for sure. He has no chance!  After I beat him, he has to wash dishes and cook for me for a month. As for the winnings, we love to travel. A good chunk of it will go towards seeing the world.


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