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The_Big_Lombardi is Poised for a Big Prize

Jul 11 3:25pm


The_Big_Lombardi has been having a good year. Apparently not satisfied with being featured as one of the biggest one-weekend winners of the 2012 NFL season, he went ahead and raised the bar for what regular people would call a “good day”. Less than four hours after getting engaged, James discovered that his rushed lineups had won him a seat to Vegas! If nothing else, it is fair to say this is a dedicated daily fantasy fan.


How long have you been playing on FanDuel and what brought you here?

I have been at it since August of 2012. I was preparing for my local fantasy league and came across the classic Chris Prince from Detroit advertisement on the back of a Fantasy Football magazine. That was all it took for me and I was in it to win it.


Have you ever won anything like this playing fantasy sports?

I have had some decent success playing daily fantasy sports thus far, a few tourney wins here and there and the occasional withdraw that always makes you feel like a professional daily fantasy sports star. However, I have not won anything of this magnitude, where I have a 1 in 45 shot at taking home $200,000.00.


What is your approach to picking your team? Why did you go with the roster you had the night of the qualifier? Who was your most impactful player?

Amazingly enough, the night I won the qualifier; I did not have a ton of time to do my normal research routine. I was doing a great deal of county hopping that day, which is common as an oil and gas attorney and once I got back into town, I had to stop by the local jeweler in order to pick up an engagement ring. I met up with my cousin and had a few cocktails and then proposed to my longtime girlfriend. After taking a knee and hearing a yes I only had about a half hour to put together several lineups for the entries I had running that evening.

I went with my gut that night and rolled with several players who had some numbers in their favor or seemed to be due. Shelby Miller was a big play for me that evening, he was still reasonably unknown at the time and his salary was cheap. Dexter Fowler was also a pivotal play for me that evening. His late HR was pretty much the deal breaker for anyone catching me.


How did you react when you realized you had won a seat to Las Vegas? Describe the night you won.

I was excited to say the least. I had just gotten engaged and took the top four spots in the qualifier. So not only did I win the seat in the DFBC with the trip to Vegas, but I won a nice little bit of money on top. I went upstairs and woke up my fiancé and told her and she was still bitter that I took time after proposing to fix my lineups and told me “good for you”. I went back down stairs, poured another glass of wine and called my good friend WallyBallin and cited one of my favorite lines from Swingers,… “Vegas Baby , VEGAS “


How long have you been playing fantasy baseball?

I started playing fantasy baseball back in undergrad with a few of the guys on our baseball team.


How do you like daily fantasy vs regular fantasy?

Ipso Facto… the thing speaks for itself. I have never won a trip to Vegas playing regular fantasy nor have I won anything close to the amount of money that can and has been won playing daily fantasy.


What is your favorite thing about playing on



What will you do with the $200,000 if you win the DFBC?

Make sure I don’t spend it on frivolous items and vacations – after I get done spending some of it on frivolous items and vacations! In all honesty, I will try to build up my savings and potentially make some long term investments and some short term investments, namely playing more FanDuel.


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