The New Lobby is Live!

Jun 02 12:11pm

We’re thrilled to announce the rollout of our new lobby! We’ve made some commonly requested additions (contest type filters, guaranteed prize pool and multi-entry indicators), made it fully tablet-friendly, and added the ability to search contests and opponents.

Contest type filters

Want to get to your favorite contest type quickly? You can now filter for head-to-head contests, leagues, 50/50s and tournaments with a single click or tap.


We’ve added indicators to help you scan for popular contest features quickly. Guaranteed prize pool contests (where prizes are paid even if the contest doesn’t fill) are indicated with a “G”. Contests that allow multiple entries of a single player are indicated with an “M”.

Tablet friendly

We are seeing a huge surge in the number of people playing FanDuel on their tablets. To accommodate this we have fixed some of the difficulties of using the lobby on tablet by enlarging the click targets and fixing the entry slider. This also improves the usability of the lobby in general. We recognize that the taller rows may look slightly strange when you’re used to the old version. However, it just takes a little getting used to – the number of visible contests only decreases by three or four, and in a future version we plan to make it easier to see even more.

Search contests and opponents

If you’re looking for a specific contest you can now find it immediately by typing its name into the search box. Search also works on the usernames of head-to-head opponents listed in the lobby so you can find a particular rival easily! Search works as you type so usually you will only have to type the first few characters before what you’re looking for is shown.

And finally…

There are still some additions we want to make, most notably an indicator showing which contests you have entered. That didn’t make it into this release because of the technical challenge it poses: right now everyone sees the same lobby, but entry indicators would require the lobby to be computed differently for everyone. We are looking at this for a future release.

We hope the new lobby makes your FanDuel experience faster and easier. If you have any feedback or suggestions please email us at

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