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CMF1994 Heading for Vegas!

May 06 4:49am

photo (5)Chris, known on FanDuel as CMF1994, is one of the longest-tenured FanDuelers you will ever meet. A fervent Mets fan and fantasy enthusiast, he won his seat thanks in no small part to his beloved Mets – they gave him a massive boost the night he won the $10 Friday qualifier.

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How long have you been playing fantasy baseball? 

Honestly, only since about three years ago after I started playing on FanDuel during the 2010 football season. I dabbled a bit with season-long fantasy when  I was younger, but I got into fantasy baseball with daily fantasy.


Sounds like you find daily fantasy more enjoyable than season-long fantasy.

I absolutely like it more, it’s much more enjoyable. I like the strategy that goes into it. I love making a different lineup every day. You have to know your stuff, and when you find a system that works, you stick with it.


Have you ever won anything like this playing fantasy sports?

No. Never anything like this.


What was it like for you the night you won the qualifier?

This is going to sound lame, but I actually crashed early watching the Mets that night. I woke up early to take my son to practice, opened my computer with my coffee and nearly had heart failure when I saw the score! It was a great way to see the win. I had a feeling the Mets were going to light up Strasburg, and I was right.


Who were the most pivotal players on your roster?

Davis and Duda each hit two home runs in one game, the rest of my team was good too, but without them I wouldnt have won….so yeah.


How did you come up with your lineup that night?

It was just a feeling. My strategy is a little bit of everything. Checking weather, lineups, and vegas splits. I’ll say this: I won with two lineups in the $10 game, which had over 2,000 players. If you do your research, there’s no reason you can’t win.


Now that you have a seat, are you gunning for a second one? 

Yes I’ll go for a second. I’m not going to get greedy, but I’ll stick in an entry into the qualifiers here and there to see if I can win. I came in 13th this past Friday, so you never know!


If you happen to win that $200,000 grand prize, what would you do with the money?

Nothing too crazy – pay off some things, make some investments, and save. Should make life a bit easier going forward I think!

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