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SC2223 Qualifies for the DFBC!

May 06 4:34am

SC2223 is no stranger to fantasy baseball, having been playing the game for a solid 10 years, though he’s only been on FanDuel for the past couple of months. SC2223, who prefers to be called Ray, is a bigtime Yankees fan, and has some seriously cool plans f0r his potential DFBC winnings!

FanDuel Insider got the chance to peek into the mind of a $109 DFBC qualifier. Want to join Ray in Vegas? Check out our $25 DFBC Qualifier on Tuesday! 


How long have you been playing fantasy baseball?

I’ve been playing for about 10 years, but I’ve only been playing on FanDuel since the beginning of 2013 – about five months.


As a longtime regular fantasy veteran, how would you compare regular fantasy to daily fantasy?

They both have their appeal – but they’re completely different, so it is hard to rate one against the other. However, I definitely love daily for sure, it’s a really exciting game.


What was your experience like on the night of the qualifier? 

It was incredibly exciting, and it came down to the last at bat. I was having a down day outside of the qualifier, and I would have lost money on the day if not for the qualifier. The Mariners had to win for the pitcher points, and I had some Giants playing in extra innings, which definitely helped. Felix Hernandez was the big difference maker for my team.


Now that you have one seat in the DFBC, are you going to keep gunning for a second one? 

I’m  kind of scaling back a little bit right now, but once I win a few other tournaments I’m going to kick things into gear and try hard to win a second seat.


This is the fun question. If you win the $200,000 grand prize, do you have any special plans for the money? 

Oh yeah – I’m going to play a lot more on FanDuel! It’s all going to go back into my account. I’m trying to make a job out of this, so the more I win, the better.



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