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MrTuttle05 Joins the DFBC Finalists

Apr 29 2:11pm

Another FanDuel veteran is in the house! DFBC qualifier Dan – A.K.A MrTuttle05 – won a seat in the $25 DFBC qualifier after employing his tried-and-true mini stack strategy across all of the DFBC qualifier levels. His dominating score the night of his victory didn’t give him much cause to sweat, so we’ll see if his nerves of steel prevail during the live final in Las Vegas this August!


How long have you been playing on FanDuel?

I created an account on FanDuel in August 2011 – that was actually my first experience with fantasy baseball. Season-long baseball is just way too tedious, so I never got into that. I’m more of a season long fantasy football player – I’ve been doing THAT for seven years.


So is it safe to say you prefer the daily fantasy format to season-long?

Oh for sure. A few buddies of mine tried season long baseball, and we all lost interest – it’s annoying being the only one to set your lineups after a while. Its nice to play on FanDuel and know your opponent is taking the game seriously every time.


What was your experience like the day you won your seat?

It was cool to win – the Saturday before, I came in second in the $109 qualifier. I had Kershaw going late in that game, I needed 1 more point from him and he screwed me over. Even though I lost, it was a lot more exciting than the actual win on Tuesday in the $25 game. Josh Hamilton would have had to get a home run on Tuesday to even make it close for the next guy –  nobody was even within 8 points of me when I won it that night, so I wasn’t exactly nervous.


Did you find that a specific strategy worked to your advantage while playing all of the different qualifiers?

The Tuesday and Friday qualifiers are much more difficult, because there are so many more players. Stacking used to be the way to go, but of course there is no more stacking. This time I had 4 or 5 entries in the $25 qualifier, and each one was a bunch of mini stacks, using the maximum number of players allowed from one team – those lineups are the only way to beat the large fields if you ask me.


Now that you have a seat, are you going to keep trying to win that second seat as allowed by the DFBC rules? 

Yeah – maybe not as hard as I tried for the first one, but I’m definitely gonna keep going for the second!


Have you got any plans for the $200,000 prize if you win the DFBC?

Probably not a whole lot – I’ll put most of it away. No big purchases. My wife doesn’t like her job, so I promised she wouldn’t have to work anymore. I’m not trying to blow it all  like most people who win a lot of money at once.

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