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DelanceyStreet is heading to Vegas!

Apr 26 6:39pm

Matt, AKA DelanceyStreet on FanDuel, is the first of a few longtime FanDuel veterans to win an early seat for the 2013 DFBC. A Phillies fan through and through, Matt has been trying for years to get a seat in a Vegas live final – now he’s done it.

We’ll see what he’s made of on August 3rd.

If you want your chance to get to Vegas, play in the Saturday DFBC qualifier tomorrow night! 


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How long have you been playing on FanDuel?

I have used FanDuel for approximately two years.  At first, I just dabbled with random daily NBA. challenges.  Then I started to use FanDuel more when I became aware of the qualifier events that awareded seats to Las Vegas.  I tried several times last year to win a seat in the DFBC.

I believe I found FanDuel through an advertisement in a fantasy baseball draft prep magazine.  I also do a few annual fantasy sports leagues with friends, and they occasionally mention similar contests and challenges that are popular on the internet – FanDuel has come up.


Have you ever won anything like this playing fantasy sports?

I definitely have never won a fantasy sports event of this caliber.  I can hold my own in some of the leagues I do with my friends, but I view this victory as a rewarding and challenging success.


What is your approach to picking your team? Why did you go with the roster you had the night of the qualifier? Who was your most impactful player?

For DFBC qualifiier events, my approach has always been to center my team around players who are facing off against weaker pitchers.  For example, the first time I entered a daily challenge with a large entry pool, I noticed that Luke Hochevar was the opening day pitcher for the Royals.  At the time, Hochevar possessed an inflated E.R.A., so I thought opposing batters would destroy him.  My plan did not work that time.  During opening week this year, I immediately highlighted Jarrod Parker of the A’s as my vulnerable pitcher.  Although Oakland Coliseum is not known as a hitter’s park and Parker had success last year, I noticed that he had a rough spring training.  Intuition told me that Mariners’ hitters could do damage against him.  This is why I selected three Mariners for my roster:  Dustin Ackley, Kyle Seage, and Mike Morse.  I also felt that Yu Darvish had an elevated rank at the pitcher position that night.  Selecting Darvish facing off against the Astros was a no-brainer.  Although Darvish almost hurled a perfect game, I consider Mike Morse as my roster’s M.V.P. that evening.  My sister lives in Washington D.C., is a Nats’ fan, and has always backed Morse.  When my game was on the line, Morse delivered with an extra home-run that put me over the top.


How did you react when you realized you had won a seat to Las Vegas? Describe the night you won.

Uniquely, the night I won was also the last moment of my spring break.  I teach high-school and had to choose whether or not to stay awake and follow the stats or rest up for the first day back.  My team started off with average stats, but as Darvish and the Mariners’ hitters started to deliver, I began to see my team, Delancey Street, stay in the top 10.  On a side note, Delancey Street is the N.Y.C. subway stop where I get off at every morning to go to the high-school.  I actually did try to go to sleep with only a few innings remaining in any of the games.  But then I kept waking up to check my position.  When Morse hit his second home-run, I knew I had clinched the spot and trip to Vegas.  I felt peaceful, I went to sleep, and the next day at work, I was excited.  It is nice to have something to look forward to!


How long have you been playing fantasy baseball?

I have been playing fantasy baseball for about seven or eight years.  My friend, Bobby Angel, runs a league.  I have always done his league.


How do you like daily fantasy vs regular fantasy?

I do like the daily fantasy challenges.  It’s nice to use intelligence and strategy to select a team.  But there’s also a tendency to over-analyze.  Intution led me to make many of my player picks on the winning team.  I would suggest picking lesser known players facing of against questionable teams rather than a few superstars who have a reputation for always utting up stats in a game.  Overall, I prefer regular fantasy.  People in N.Y.C. work hard, and both can serve venues of action can serve as a nice and/or timely distraction.


What is your favorite thing about playing on

My favorite aspect of playing on FanDuel is watching the stats accumulate and rankings change during live action.  I also like seeing how the dollar values of players change depending on their recent success.  For a while, I thought I always had to use up all of my salary cap.  But I have since modified my approach.  Find players you like and go with them.  The teams with the highest salaries do not always win.  No offense Yankees and Phillies fans (myself included).


What will you do with the $200,000 if you win the DFBC?

With the $200,000 (should I win the DFBC in Vegas), I will pay off all of my education loans once and for all.  I will plan a few daring adventures to new cities with friends.  I will also search for the best burrito and Cuban food in the country.  Finding quality burritos is one of my main priorities in life.  Then I will save and invest the remaining money.

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