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PrimeTime420 Qualifies for the DFBC….Twice!

Apr 23 2:54am
PrimeTime420 enjoying a drink at the 2012 FFFC in Las Vegas

PrimeTime420 enjoying a drink at the 2012 FFFC in Las Vegas

FanDuel veterans don’t come much more seasoned than PrimeTime420. A finalist in our 2012 FFFC, he is on his way back to Vegas after winning not one – but TWO seats to the $1,000,000 DFBC! The DFBC is the first FanDuel live final to allow finalists a chance to win more than one entry, and PrimeTime is the first man to achieve that feat.

FanDuel Insider caught up with PrimeTime to talk about his recent string of good performances.




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Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 2.44.07 AMYou were a 2012 FFFC Finalist as well. How excited are you to be coming back to Vegas for another chance to compete for a FanDuel Championship?

I am extremely excited to go back to Vegas. FanDuel puts together a great weekend for all the competitors, and win or lose it is hard not to have a good time out there. I can’t wait for this.


What was your experience like during the FFFC?

My FFFC experience was wonderful. I didn’t win, but I got to spend a great weekend hanging out with close friends and enjoying the Vegas scene. It didn’t hurt the FanDuel puts you up at one of the nicest hotels in Vegas. On top of that we get a wonderful night of dinner and drinks the night before the final. FanDuel really takes care of their players in these tournaments.



You’ve qualified for two championships mere months apart; what’s your secret to always being in a position to win?

There is no secret to my wins. I put a lot of time and hard work into making teams every day, and now I’ve been rewarded. However, I do feel fortunate for winning seats so close to each other. It took me over three years to win my first seat, and with so many tough players and large fields I feel very fortunate to get seats so close to one another.


What sport do you find more challenging: Baseball or Football?

That is a very tough question. Playing both sports you can have your extreme ups and downs. I do think football is a bit tougher; in baseball you can go get back on the horse the next day if you have a losing day. In football you have to wait all week and then you can start out-thinking yourself.


Do you feel more pressure to win because of your standing in the FanDuel community? Being a big name on the site must add some expectations. 

I don’t feel much pressure going into this. There are going to be so many FanDuel championships in the next few years, and I know I will be there again. So if I don’t win it this time it is not going to be a big deal. I’ll just get the next one.


What is your favorite part of playing on

My favorite part of playing on FanDuel is winning big money; plain and simple.


What will you do with the $200,000 if you win the DFBC in August? 

If I win the $200k I am going to donate some of it to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. I lost a really close family member recently who had this. Hopefully my donation will help so that others don’t have to suffer like my family member did. The rest I will probably just probably save. Not doing anything crazy really.

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