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The First $10 DFBC Qualifier is in!

Apr 12 9:38am

You heard it here first – the 2013  DFBC has a $10 qualifier in place! Eric, who is known on FanDuel as Ang_Bri_Bre, punched his ticket in last week’s Friday qualifier, thanks in part to a big day from Todd Frazier of the Cincinnati Reds. Frazier’s two home runs in the late game blasted Eric out of a 4-way deadlock for that top prize, and straight to potential Vegas glory!

This Minnesota Twins fan gave FanDuel Insider the honor of being the first qualifier to grace us with an interview. You can also have a look at his winning lineup below.

If you think you have what it takes to join Eric in the finals, enter tonight’s $10 DFBC Qualifier!

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How long have you been playing fantasy baseball?

I’ve been playing fantasy for about 10 years – but not just baseball. I play all four of the major sports; basketball, baseball, football and hockey. I love all of them…college isn’t really my thing though. I stick to NFL and NBA.


When did you start playing on FanDuel?

Oh, I’d say I started about two years ago, right around the time of the Super Bowl. I saw  a FanDuel ad on TV, and once I tried it, it was easily the best fantasy site I’d ever played. I’ll always stick with FanDuel – especially now!


So would you say you prefer Daily Fantasy to Season-Long Fantasy?

Definitely! I love the payout structure, and daily is just so much more exciting on a nightly basis. In regular, you have to wait the entire week to see the results of your lineup. At the end of a FanDuel night, not only do you know already if you won or lost – there could be cash too! I’ll definitely keep playing regular fantasy, but it’s hard to beat the daily format.


Speaking of nightly excitement, what was your victory like on Friday? That final score was close.

It was awesome! Most of my players were from either Seattle vs Chicago (White Sox) or Cincinnati vs Washington – and the Reds absolutely blew up for me! I did a lot of bouncing between first and fifth place during that final couple of hours, but Todd Frazier blasted those two homers late in the night to give me the  win. I remember just sitting there obsessively clicking refresh for about a half hour just to make sure I really did win it!


How did you come up with that winning lineup?

I always try to find a good pitcher – if your pitcher doesn’t win, or at least have a big day, it can be really hard to get ahead. Once I spent a lot of money on my pitcher, I looked for some bargains to balance out my roster. I found a great bargain with Todd Frazier at 3B, and he got me  a couple of home runs! I  also love that FanDuel provides each player’s fantasy points per game, and the stats and news from their recent games. Those logs are really helpful, and definitely factored into my win.


So now that you have a seat, are you going to keep gunning for that second seat you can win under the rules? 

I’m definitely going to keep trying! I’m going to play every Friday to try and win that second seat – for $10 a lineup how can I not? It’s definitely worth it to enter four or five teams, especially because of those runner – up prizes.


Well if you end up with two seats, that’s a good shot at the $200,000! What are you going to do with that money if you win the live final in Las Vegas?

I’ll probably take my family on a nice vacation first, and then take care of the bills when I get home. That’s about all right? Vacation and bills…I’ll save the rest.


Do you want to join Eric in the Finals? Punch your ticket tonight with a victory in our $10 DFBC Qualifier! Win that, and you’ll be out in Vegas on August 3rd playing for the $200,000 grand prize! 


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