FanDuel Hindsight Report 3/4: Great Games, Subpar Stat Lines

March 4 3:16pm
Jesse Boskoff

Enjoy your Sunday? If you spent it watching basketball games, you must have. The Heat/Knicks, Pacers/Bulls, Thunders/Clippers, and Hawks/Lakers games all came down to the wire in playoff-like atmospheres. If you didn’t keep up with the league yesterday, here’s some of what you missed:

  • Kobe Bryant was in vintage form last night. He took full control of the game in the 4th quarter, and this dunk he laid down on Josh Smith brought us all back to 2002. So did his game-winning layup.

  • Tony Parker will miss up to a month with his ankle sprain. In a surprising twist, Pop went with Cory Joseph, who had just been called up from the D-league, but Joseph only saw 18 minutes on the floor. Keep an eye on this situation to see who (if anyone) emerges as the go-to point guard for now. There could be some value there.
  • Marco Belinelli logged heavy minutes (45) on Sunday, as Kirk Hinrich is in a walking boot, Rip Hamilton has back woes, and Derrick Rose’s return date is still unclear. Look for him to get tons of court time as long as those guys are out.

So who did you want in your lineup yesterday? Here were Sunday’s top plays:

Top NBA Value Picks from 3/3 (most bang for the buck)

Jason Kidd

1. Jason Kidd ($3,600) – 32 fantasy points
2. Johan Petro ($3,500) – 26 fantasy points
3. Ed Davis ($3,800) – 28 fantasy points
4. Devin Harris ($4,300) -  31 fantasy points
5. Marco Belinelli ($3,500) -  25 fantasy points
6. Jason Thompson ($4,800) -  34 fantasy points
7. John Salmons ($4,400) -  30 fantasy points
8. Dorell Wright ($3,600) – 24 fantasy points
9. Roy Hibbert ($5,900) -  38 fantasy points
10. Chris Paul ($7,700) -  45 fantasy points

Top Performer on 3/3 (high scorer)

LeBron James ($9,900) – 53 fantasy points

The 3/3 Bust List

1. Jodie Meeks ($3,600) – 1 fantasy point
2. Elton Brand ($5,300) – 3 fantasy points
3. Bismack Biyombo ($4,000) -  4 fantasy points
4. Carlos Delfino ($4,600) – 5 fantasy points
5. Darren Collison ($5,400) – 6 fantasy points
6. Lavoy Allen ($4,200) – 5 fantasy points
7. Rodney Stuckey ($4,200) – 5 fantasy points
8. Ramon Sessions ($5,000) – 6 fantasy points
9. Carlos Boozer ($6,400) – 9 fantasy points
10. Nikola Vucevic ($6,600) – 11 fantasy points

Big Winner Spotlight – chantheman14 only needs 293 to win $1,750 


293 is a decent FanDuel score – good enough to comfortably win a 50/50 on most nights, but not usually enough to win the night’s biggest payout. So how did chantheman14 pull it off a win like this? Some mediocre outputs by popular high-priced picks like James Harden, D-Wade, Carmelo, Josh Smith, Al Horford, Paul George, Jrue Holiday, Dwight Howard, DeMarcus Cousins, and others made it possible.

Chris Paul ($7,700) came down in price a bit. While he’s a bit more inconsistent than other guys in this price range, CP3 always steps it up when a big game is on the line. He did it last week at Indiana, and he did it again yesterday vs. the Thunder, with 45 fantasy points. Keep this in mind next time the Clips face one of the league’s better teams.

Marcus Thornton ($4,500) is out of coach Smart’s doghouse, and he’s on a tear. Thornton was one of the league’s best scorers last year, and he’s looked like the 2012 version of himself over the last four games. If the playing time stays up this high, his price will rise. Take advantage while you can.

LeBron James ($9,900) must have made his owners sweat yesterday. Not only did he open the game up with three disappointing quarters, but he fell awkwardly on his knee late in the game and it looked like he’d be done for the day. But LBJ showcased his superhuman abilities, staying in the game and posting big 4th quarter numbers in a comeback win at MSG. His 53 fantasy points were the highest of the day.

Kevin Durant ($9,900) paired up with LeBron on a roster makes for some really high upside. The key is making room for this with some cheaper picks who you know will produce. 48 fantasy points against the Mavs were just fine for the price.

Roy Hibbert ($5,900) is one of those guys who I’m personally scared to go near. You never know when he’ll lay down a massively disappointing game, as he’s prone to early foul trouble and downright lack of production. But the upside is always there too, and the payoff big when he produces. Yesterday was one of those days.

This roster wasn’t all great. Patrick Mills ($3,500) didn’t impress, and only played 16 minutes. Antawn Jamison ($4,400) saw a lot of court time (34 minutes) but didn’t do much with it. Jamal Crawford ($5,600) provided subpar value against the Thunder, and Blake Griffin ($8,600) was not worth the price. But yesterday turned out to be one of those days, and chantheman14 made fewer mistakes than anyone else, winning a cool $1,750 on his $25 entry fee..

7 NBA games are slated for tonight, which means you’ll have plenty of options in the draft lobby. There are your 50/50s, hundreds of H2H possibilities, and some higher profile contests that include:

$12,500 Monday NBA Slam 

$25 entry fee, $12,500 in prizes, $3,000 1st prize, 558 teams, top 55 get paid.

$10,000 Monday NBA Rebound 

$10 entry fee, $10,000 in prizes, $2,000 1st prize, 1116 teams, top 100 get paid.

$200,000 King of the Court Qualifiers 

The biggest online-only contest in fantasy basketball history! $75,000 top prize and lots more to go around. Does it get any better than that? Qualifiers are running now, and you can secure a $270 seat for as little as $1. We’re running a bunch of qualifiers tonight.

Check back tomorrow for tonight’s winners. Maybe you’ll even see your name here!

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