30 Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names for 2013

January 28 6:08pm
Jesse Boskoff

While we’re all about the one day fantasy baseball leagues we offer here at FanDuel (a far superior option, in our humble opinions :) ), we’re well aware that many of you still enjoy a good old-fashioned season-long league. It may be a matter of a month or two before you get bored with your teams, but while you’re still interested and in need of some witty ideas, here are some funny fantasy baseball team names that you can’t go wrong with in 2013.

Some of these were originals by us here at FanDuel HQ, while others were handpicked from around the web, representing the funniest and best ones we found. In no particular order, here are the top 30 picks. Enjoy!

2013 Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Tastes Like Ichiros

Angels in the Troutfield


TP for my Buchholz

Jews for Jesus Montero

Designated Quitters

Sweet, Sweet Mármol-Aid

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Grand Theft Votto

Borbón Rocks

Charleston-Soo Shoo

You Kill Us, Kevin

Joe West, Young Man

Testosteraun Braun

Tacoby Bellsbury

Smoak on the Wieters

Super Upton Brothers

Marcum Eight, Dude

Sippin on Gin Andrus

Pocket Full of Posey

Latos Intolerant

I Fontenot What Love Is

Joe Buck Yourself

Dr. Andrews’ Laboratory

wOBA is Me

Morneau After Pill

Stop! Hammeltime

Carry On My Heyward Dunn

Walks With 4 Balls

I’m Bringing Sexson Back

Kershawshank Redemption

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Have any funny fantasy baseball team names yourself? Feel free to help a fellow FanDueler out and share your best stuff in the comments! And don’t forget to check out our draft lobby for some NBA and NHL action while you wait for the start of the 2013 MLB season.

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