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Another FanDuel Rookie in the DFBBC!

Jan 10 2:26pm

fanduelpicNew to FanDuel? Worried that it means you can’t succeed? Don’t tell that to PennyPacker; he had never played on FanDuel prior to the DFBBC qualifier, and with that very first entry he punched his ticket to Las Vegas in March. This man is ready to show the world that FanDuel rookies can dominate when they  have what it takes to win. You can check out PennyPacker’s winning roster below, and for YOUR chance to be the next DFBBC finalist, you can enter tomorrow night’s qualifier right HERE!

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How long have you been playing on FanDuel?

To be honest, the DFBBC Qualifier was the very first game I ever played on FanDuel, so I’m relatively new to it.  I’ve been playing quite a bit since then though.  I came over as part of the promotion FanDuel ran with


Have you ever won anything like this playing fantasy sports?

I have won some relatively high stakes fantasy football leagues with friends of mine (not professional), but definitely nothing close to this scale.


What is your approach to picking your team? Why did you go with the roster you had the night of the qualifier?

I think you really have to hunt for values.  I like to look for guys that are starting in place of injured players or guys that have been getting more minutes to fill in some of my lower cost players first.  It’s tough with basketball though, because a lot of those players minutes are very fluid, so I think you have to have some balance between upside guys and more consistent guys.  Then I’ll work up to picking a couple of studs.  When it comes to picking the studs, I put a lot of stock in the quality of their match up and also will sometimes shy away from guys playing the second night of a back-to-back.

On the night of the qualifier I feel like I was able to get really good contributions across my whole lineup.  It wasn’t so much that one or two guys really won it for me.  Ed Davis was starting to get more minutes and Jason Thompson was starting to really come on, so they were good values.  Andre Iguodala had been underperforming a bit up to that point, but he had one of his best games of the season that night (which also made me happy as a Nuggets fan).  On the other side of that game, I figured Gasol would be able to put up numbers against the Nuggets front court.  I also benefited from a (double?) overtime game which allowed Gerald Wallace to put up some really nice stats.


How did you react when you realized you had won a seat to Las Vegas?

I was pretty shocked.  I hadn’t been looking at it during the games that night.  I usually check all my fantasy teams before I go to bed, so I realized lying in bed at about midnight that night that I had taken first.  Needless to say it took me a while of staring at my phone after that kind of realization to go to sleep.  The funny thing is that I had just gotten back from Vegas a few days earlier and was already thinking about planning another trip out there.


How long have you been playing fantasy hoops?

I’ve been playing regular fantasy hoops for about 4 years now, but have just started with daily games this season.


How do you like daily fantasy vs regular fantasy?

I like playing both of them quite a bit.  I really enjoy the process of building a team of the course of a season (or multiple seasons in the case of dynasty leagues) but I also enjoy being able to just get a little bit of action here and there for one night or one weekend before I watch some games.  I also really enjoy the variety of different contests that the daily game offers – like the 50/50’s, 3 & 5 man leagues, target score games, and then of course the big money events like the DFBBC.


What is your favorite thing about playing on

Well, free trips to Vegas has got to be pretty high on that list.  But in all seriousness, I do like FanDuel the best out of all the daily sites out there.  It seems to offer the best variety of NBA games, and I also like the salaries and cap structure a bit better than some of the other sites.  I feel like I can really put together some quality teams most nights.


What will you do with the $50,000 if you win the DFBBC?

Put it all on black!!  Haha, seriously though, I have no idea – probably have a crazy night out on the town and then set most of it aside to invest in starting a business or buying a house or something.  Fantasy sports nut that I am, I’m sure I will probably use some of it to enter some more high-stakes leagues and daily games for the coming football and basketball season.

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