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DB730 in DFBBC

Jan 02 4:10pm

Back HeadDan Back, colloquially known as DB730, is living the dream. First, he came out to Las Vegas to live blog and podcast during the 2012 DFBC and FFFC, and NOW he has won himself a seat to the 2012-2013 DFBBC. Talk about living it up! As a the podcast hosting  authority of daily fantasy, Dan is excited to hang up his microphone and dive into the field for the DFBBC Final in March. You want to know what it takes to be that cool? Read on!


You’re better known as a daily fantasy journalist rather than a player. What was it like covering your own victory on your podcast?

It was a ton of fun doing the podcast the Monday after I won.  Only a week or two before this qualifier, I got edged out of a spot in FFFC, during a Monday game, so I REALLY didn’t want to fall short again.  I actually mixed things up on the podcast that day and did a “dramatic” recap of my night.  I think it caught everybody by surprise, and I got some terrific feedback from listeners about it.


You attended the 2012 FFFC, but in a working capacity. How excited are you to be attending as a player this time?

I am lucky enough to do something I absolutely love, and I even sometimes have to question if spending a weekend in Vegas drinking beer and talking to fantasy players is really “work”, but it does get crazy trying to interview all the finalists in a short amount of time.  The tentative plan is to bring the wife along this time,  so with two young kids at home it will be nice to have an adults’ weekend for once.


Would you say that basketball is your sport over football or baseball? Did you ever expect to win a spot?

Without question my best sport is College Football, and although it is growing in popularity, it still is a bit of a niche sport for fantasy.  Doing the daily podcast requires me giving picks, predictions, and statistical analysis everyday, so I think it is important to be a upper echelon player in as many sports as I can.  I don’t think anyone should come into these massive tournaments with expectations to win.  That is not realistic.  What I do believe is if you put in the time and research, and grind away each and every day,  sooner or later you will hit a big one.


Do you think there is a higher expectation for you to win, due to your body of work?

Possibly, but this field already has some incredible players qualified for a shot at the $50,000 first place prize.  Clearly guys like HeadChopper,  who is making back to back appearances in a FanDuel final, and Spawns65 who finished 2nd in the 2011 FFFC are going to be two tough guys to beat.  But as Dusty proved with his DFBC win this summer, you don’t have have to be a big name/high volume guy to to take down the crown.


What is your favorite part of

My two favorite aspects of FanDuel are the volume of players on site. and these destination Championships.  You guys have done a terrific job bringing new players into the industry, and it is nice having a variety of opponents every day/week.  I’ve been lucky enough to cover these live events for the past year and I can definitively say I have never heard someone say anything but great things about their experiences while attending them.


What are you going to do if you walk away with the $50,000 grand prize?

My wife is still strolling around in my 2001 Nissan Altima, so as hard as it may be for me to say good-bye to “Goldy”, I think it may be time for an upgrade if I can finish on top.

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