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HeadChopper Is Returning to Vegas for the DFBBC

Dec 27 12:03pm

David Kaplen

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 11.38.21 AMIf you think Anthony Davis had a good year in 2012, then you obviously haven’t been following the man colloquially known as HeadChopper. Fresh off of his trip to the 2012 FFFC in Las Vegas, HeadChopper is already preparing to take on the field in the 2013 DFBBC. He won his seat to the DFBBC while qualifiers were still running for football, and is now putting his full focus towards basketball; he is looking forward to finishing higher this time around than he did earlier this month.

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You were a 2012 FFFC Finalist as well. How excited are you to be coming back to Vegas for another chance to compete for a FanDuel Championship?

I am incredibly excited. I was very anxious to go to Vegas for the football finals. Then after having done that and seeing the top-notch treatment FanDuel gives us out there, I am even more stoked the second time around.  Plus it will be springtime, so a chance to get out to the pool area and have a few cocktails while catching some sun and watching the “sights” by the pool should be a blast.

What was your experience like during the FFFC?

I had a phenomenal experience for the FFFC Finals. I had a good idea that things were going to be nice, but when I walked into the hotel at the reserved location I was blown away. Everything was absolutely top of the line for each qualifier. Great dinner and free drinks on Saturday night to get the weekend started was also nice. And the VIP rooms at Lagasse’s Stadium were cool also. Pretty much all the food you can eat and all the drinks you can drink for free all weekend. You cannot beat that.

You’ve qualified for two championships mere months apart; what’s your secret to winning across different sports?

Well I was fully into football when I qualified for the basketball championship. I kind of surprised myself by winning a seat so early. However the key was the same to both qualifiers- keep up with the information that is out there. I can say that on both of the teams that qualified for Vegas trips, I made last minute adjustments based on news I heard that day. So I would say to just stay informed.

Which sport do you find more challenging? Basketball or football?

NFL is more challenging by far. In the NBA the players tend to be much more consistent. In the NFL you’re sometimes left hoping that the team surrounding the player you selected needs to help in order to put him in a position to score a TD, or get plenty of carries or what have you. In the NBA the good players create those opportunities themselves.

Do you feel more pressure to win because of your standing as a top player?

Sure, that is something I think about. I don’t really let it affect me too much, but I know that when I slip up there are going to be plenty of people who will be there to pile on and let it be known that I was never really that good to begin with. So I try to let it motivate me more than anything else.

What is your favorite thing about playing on FanDuel

The money. I’ve always had a passion for sports. Then came fantasy sports. So I always have and always will enjoy playing this game. But the truth is you can play at a variety of places. So when you ask me the best part of FanDuel, it is that there is no place out there that I can play 24 hours a day around 363 days a year and get any game of my choice, for any price of my choice and have that game matched by someone else. The huge base of players at FanDuel makes for big amounts of unlimited action. The money at FanDuel flows better than any other place out there.

What will you do with the $50,000 grand prize if you win? 

I hate answering questions like this. I am a firm believer in karma and I think that talking about winning before it happens creates bad karma. Therefore I will answer that question like this: If I win the big money in March from FanDuel I will invest in $50,000 worth of Yao Ming jerseys and then re-sale them on the internet. From what I hear he has a bright future in the NBA, He can’t miss!!

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