The Bench

FFFC Finalist: DP47

Dec 06 12:27pm

How long have you been playing FanDuel?

I started during NFL last season. It is my second most favorite thing to do on the internet.


Have you ever won anything like this in Fantasy Football?

No.  I won the Wheel of Fortune home game once, but that wasn’t for real money or fantasy football related.


Describe your thought process in picking your team for the qualifier

The week I qualified I asked my three year old son Howie who I should pick,  and he told me to use Ichiro and Lighting McQueen, so he deserves all of the credit.  I usually call my Dad and Brother, and discuss things over the course of the week.  They are really good sports about how I use all of their picks and they get none of the winnings.


How was it sweating out on Sunday? Any moments of doubt or frustration?

I’d had more than my share of close calls already this season, so I couldn’t even tune-in.  I am pretty sure I was watching the Amazing Race with my hot wife and eating a double cheeseburger.


At what point did you realize you were going to win? How did you react?

I hit refersh on my laptop, and when I saw that I won, I immediately called my boss and told him he could “take this job and shove it”.


How long have you been playing Fantasy Football?

I’m old; Let’s just say if my fantasy football career was a person, it would be going through it’s awkward teenage rebellion phase.


What do you like the most about FanDuel? (FanDuel specific)

Definitely the chat box. It’s pretty interesting in there, to say the least.


How do you feel about Daily Fantasy vs. Season Long leagues?

Daily leagues are fun because you get to pick a new team every single day.  I heard a Packer fan from Detroit say that in a radio commercial once.  Season long leagues are no fun because Bob from accounting hasn’t checked his lineup in three months!  What a jerk.


What are you going to do with the $150,000 grand prize if you walk away the winner?

It’s gonna rain.

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