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SmittyRebel70: FFFC Finalist

Dec 05 5:51pm

FanDuel rookies really made a mark 0n the 2012 FFFC. Aaron Smith, known as SmittyRebel70 won his seat in Week 7, after playing his very first game back in Week 4! With savvy picks like Sebastian Janikowski and the Minnesota Defense, Smith won the Week 7 $10 qualifier by one of the widest margins of the season. He’s keeping his strategy close to the vest,  so we’ll see how he stacks up against the longtime veterans this weekend in Las Vegas.


How long have you been playing FanDuel?

Actually i just started playing Week 4 this year.  I had not played fantasy football for a couple of years, and then a friend from the volunteer fire dept where I work told me about FanDuel.  I checked it out, deposited $100 and started playing.  After my first week of playing I was hooked!  Didn’t know anything about the FFFC finals until I got a random email from FanDuel telling me about it. It sounded cool so I thought I would try it for a couple of weeks.  I won my seat two weeks later.


Have you ever won anything like this in Fantasy Football?

Well I have won a couple hundred bucks playing in leagues with friends, but really havent played much fantasy football.  I’ve won money playing the spreads and stuff like that; never won any trips or anything like this though.


Describe your thought process in picking your team for the contest

I use alot of the same thought process as I do in making my regular picks for the week.  I will leave it at that.  Dont wanna give all my secrets away, I’ve got $150,000 to win!


How was it sweating out on Sunday? Any moments of doubt or frustration?

I didnt watch much of the games that Sunday becuase we had some unseasonably beautiful weather outside, so I played with the kids on four wheelers most of the day.  I watched the Sunday night game and the highlights of early games and knew I was in good shape.  Once I got online and saw that I was winning the nerves kicked in.  I scrolled the people behind me to see my odds; the closest people to me needed Matt Forte or Brandon Marshall to get 30 points, so I was feeling pretty confident until Marshall scored a TD in first two minutes on Monday night.  The worst part was I am a big Bears fan and I had to root against DA BEARS.


At what point did you realize you were going to win? How did you react?

Around the 4th quarter Monday night I realized I was going to win, and started looking up my other games to see if I was still  winning those too.  I had been bumped to 2nd in one game because of DA BEARS defense, so I started cheering for the Lions to score a garbage TD to bump me back into first, and they did with 30 seconds to go in the game.  Once I realized I had won about 14 games that week  I was kinda shocked.  Started texting people to let them know.  My wifes 30th birthday is  Dec 8th (the Saturday of Vegas) and she has been wanting to do something fun for her birthday.  So this got me out of trying to plan something to do for her birthday, now we get to spend it in Vegas!  This is a double whammy for me!!!


How long have you been playing Fantasy Football?

This is my 4th year.  I played in a friendly game through my church one year.  It was a live draft kinda game that got old after a couple weeks and I lost all interest quickly.  The second and third years, some friends started playing on a weekly site which was more exciting, but your points added up for the whole year and pay out at end. Both years  that I played in that private league, I won the whole thing.  I sat out all of last year due to that site closing down, and not knowing of any others to play on.


What do you like the most about FanDuel? 

It is perfect for someone like me!  I cant stand these games that last all season long, playing the same basic team that you had to draft on the  previous season’s performances   I dont understand how people like these leagues at all.  I’ve got to have the weekly excitement of being able to win some money that week, and being able to make my picks on a weekly matchup.  The salary cap is awesome too, it keeps everyone from loading up on the same top players.  Also, it makes you do a little work on finding good cheap players.  Anyone could make a team with all the top guys, but you need to have some skills to pick a winning team with a salary cap.


What are you going to do with the $150,000 grand prize if you walk away the winner?

Well I will probably spend most of it on partying, then probably just blow the rest!  Oh yeah, I’d better get my wife a birthday present too!  (I hope I dont forget that one with all the excitment)

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