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FanDuel Rookie Philip Tribe Smokes the Competition

Oct 11 4:45pm

Back in Week 1, Rafael Resendes won a seat to the FFFC in his very first FanDuel game. Now, Philip Tribe has become the second FanDuel newcomer to win a seat. In just his second week, Philip Tribe nailed the $270 qualifier with a winning strategy of stacking dominant wide receivers. Now the man known as Crownies will have his shot at the $150,000 grand prize in Las Vegas!


How long have you been playing FanDuel? 

A little over two weeks


Have you ever won anything like this in Fantasy Football?

Not even close, I have won the occasional fantasy football league, but I have never played daily leagues like this until now.  And I have never entered a contest like this before.


Describe your thought process in picking your team for the Week 3 Qualifier  

I start out with DEF, K.  I don’t like to spend more than the minimum for either of these, so I usually just pick the best available minimums in my head.  Next I targeted TE.  I wasn’t very high on the high dollar Gronkowski or Graham that week, so I decided to save salary cap money and go with my hometown guy Owen Daniels in what looked to be a good matchup in Denver.  Then for a QB, I am high on Roethlisberger for the rest of the season because their running game is looking awful, and they were playing the Raiders, so that was an easy decision for me.  RB’s I went with Michael Bush and MJD because I knew they were going to get tons of touches and were at good prices.  That left me with a ton to spend at WR and I nailed them with Megatron, AJ Green, and Mike Wallace.


How was it sweating out on Sunday? Any moments of doubt or frustration? 

Actually I didn’t have to sweat much.  After a flurry of TDs from Big Ben and one from Owen Daniels, I had a comfy lead, and when I looked at the rest of the field, to my surprise nobody had much left at all.  I had it in the bag before the Sunday Night game even started.  On Monday Night Football, the most realistic chance of someone catching me was someone 52 points behind and with Marshawn Lynch, so yea, no sweat involved thankfully.


At what point did you realize you were going to win? How did you react? 

After the 2nd wave of games when I checked all the other entries out, I couldn’t believe it.  I celebrated with my wife and called everyone I knew, hoping I wasn’t jinxing myself.


How long have you been playing Fantasy Football? 

Probably 12 years


What made you enter the $270 qualifier as opposed to the $10 qualifier? 

Just simply odds, the thought of winning the $10 with 2600 entries wasn’t realistic to me, although I would have won that as well with my lineup.


What do you like the most about FanDuel? 

I haven’t been on for long, but I like that I have won of course!  The week before I won the Qualifier I got 3rd in the qualifier and won over $10,000 in all that week.  But other than that, the site is very easy to navigate, and there is such a wide range of different kinds of tournaments with different entry sizes and buy ins.


How do you feel about Daily Fantasy vs. Season Long leagues? 

I still enjoy the season long leagues because it involves friends/family so there is the element of bragging rights with them, but this daily stuff is obviously more exciting because of the quick action, it makes it extremely exciting every week as opposed to just the playoff excitement in the full season leagues.


What are you going to do with the $150,000 grand prize if you walk away the winner? 

Not exactly sure, but we just built a house and there are plenty of things we could do around the new house to spiff it up so I am sure that is where the bulk of it would go.

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