Trade Bait: Sell High, Smart Guy!

November 12 3:18pm

By Antonio D’Arcangelis

Are you the kind of fantasy owner who’s constantly scrambling to take advantage of perceived (and real) changes in fantasy value, bombarding fellow league members with an onslaught of tempting trade offers? I’m here to tell you you’re not alone, and to tender some suggestions for prospective deals. Here are five players you should be dealing while their values are still quite high.

Tim Tebow, DEN – Tebow’s not guaranteed the starting job the rest of the season, nor does he have the luxury of facing some of the league’s worst defenses – something that helped blow up his fantasy numbers the past few weeks. With the Jets, Bears, Patriots and Bills among the Broncos opponents down the stretch, it’s hard to imagine Tebow keeping his job and flourishing against more sophisticated defensive schemes. There’s a lot of interest in Tebow from a fantasy perspective because of his running abilities and dynamic goal line presence, so it’s not out of the question that you land an effective RB or WR in a deal with a fellow owner seeking more points from his languishing QB.

Michael Turner, ATL – The Falcons’ workhorse has had his best games against weak run defenses, and he’s just not used enough in the passing game to warrant Top 10 RB status in PPR leagues, where he’s currently about eighth among backs. I expect opposing defenses to load the box and force the Falcons to throw in the coming weeks – making Turner a good sell-high candidate. I’m also not convinced he’s going to hold up through all 16 games. You can get a lot for Turner, so be bold in your trade offers and don’t settle for anything less than a Top 10 RB stud or Top Five WR in return.

Chris Wells, ARI – He’s ranked 16th among fantasy RBs this season despite not being a part of the Cards passing game and myriad injuries that have clouded his status leading up to several games. The schedule is getting really tough for Wells and the Cards as well, with Arizona facing the 49ers twice in the next six weeks and tough games in Week 13 (DAL) and Week 16 (@CIN). Take it from me – there are always buyers for Wells – for whatever reason. And you don’t want to be running Beanie out there in your championship week, do you?

Greg Jennings, GB – I know this statement might turn a few heads, but I’m not the biggest Jennings fan. Granted, he’s been super consistent this season and is the No. 1 WR for an undefeated Packers team, but he’s been rendered inconsistent in the past because of the talented crowd of receivers that Aaron Rodgers has to supply. That said, there’s not a ton of scenarios where I’d part with Jennings. However, for the right price, I’ll move anybody. Jennings is a WR good enough to help land you a top RB like Arian Foster or Adrian Peterson. If you’re strong at WR and weak at RB, you might consider moving Jennings/RB2 for Peterson/WR3, or something along those lines. Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling Jennings won’t get any higher among the statistical leaders at WR, whether it’s in receptions, yardage or TDs. He’s headed for a lull.

Vernon Davis, SF – It pains me to include Davis in this list, because I had high hopes for his 2011 campaign. The name itself still makes me think of a reliable fantasy contributor. But after eight games, he’s just 13th among fantasy TEs. The matchups haven’t been great and are even getting tougher, so it could be time to part ways with this former fantasy stud. If you can get a quality RB/WR like James Starks, Ben Tate, Plaxico Burress, Julio Jones or Antonio Brown for Davis, you’ll have done well. Now go start shopping, and don’t be afraid to deal!

Antonio D’Arcangelis is a fantasy baseball and football writer from Upstate New York. He’s written for and, among several other sites, with columns syndicated on and Antonio has 10 years experience as a fantasy writer and currently provides content for and He can be reached via e-mail and on Twitter

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