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All New: Use your FDP to Enter Contests!

Nov 08 3:35pm

Starting today, all FanDuel players can now use their FanDuel Points to enter contests! All contests now have a cash entry fee option, as well as an FDP entry option – players can choose either entry method.

To enter using FDP, simple select the contest you want to join. Under “Entry Fee”, you can choose to click on “Enter using FDP” and you will see the FDP required to enter the contest. Enter your team as normal, and you’re in! Just make sure your FDP balance is high enough for the contest – you can see your FDP balance right under your cash balance on the top right of your FanDuel home page.

To celebrate this great new player feature, we’re making it easier than ever for players to earn FDP:

From Monday (11/4) to Sunday (11/13), we’re awarding double FDP on all H2H contests. For example, instead of receiving 50 FDP for a $5 H2H, you’ll earn 100 this week.

Double FDP is a limited time offer, good only until Sunday. So get in the game now!

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