Naapstermaan takes the extra Tournament Kings seat in the DFBC Final

Sep 01 1:47am

As most of you probably know, there was more than one way to make the Final of the DFBC. You could also win a spot by winning the most tournament money from May 16th to August 23rd in the Tournament Kings Challenge like judson23 did. Or you could scrap for the second Tournament Kings DFBC seat in a big time free roll. And naapstermaan, also known as 23-year-old Erik, did exactly that and won it.

It obviously takes a lot of skill to be able to place high in the Tournament Kings Challenge, and then win a winner-takes-all freeroll. luckily we got to speak to Erik about it. So let’s get to the details.

How does it feel to have locked up a spot in the DFBC Final?

It feels awesome! Definitely makes all the effort of trying to get a seat worth it. It still hasn’t fully hit me yet but I’m sure as it gets closer to September 9th it will.

How many tournaments did you play in from May 16th to August 23rd?

I honestly have no clue haha. A lot? I try playing at least one a day to keep myself up to date on all the players and news so probably somewhere between 150 and 350 in that time span.

Most players think tournaments are difficult to do well in. Did you discover any specific strategy that works well?

For the multi-entry tournaments if you’re only putting 1 or 2 teams in then it is definitely hard to do well consistently since you can’t really afford to make any mistakes on your picks. There was definitely a lot of trial and error in the beginning of the MLB season since I’d never done it, but I think a good overall strategy for big field tournaments is to have a couple all around strong lineups based on your research, a couple lineups you are pretty sure no one else will have, and a couple one team load-up lineups in games that you think will be very high scoring or a hot team that is going against a weak pitcher.

You’re a FanDuel veteran, having been on the site for a while. What do you like most about it?

I like the variety of tournaments on a daily basis. So if you really love your team(s) you can go for the $25, $50 or $100 tournaments depending on the day, but if you’re not feeling too strongly about your lineup(s) then just take a day off and throw a couple in the $10 or $5 tournaments. Also the DFBC and FFFC are incredible promotions and to give players an opportunity to go to Las Vegas to compete for a $75,000 first prize for fantasy football is just awesome.

What will you do if you win the $25,000 first place in the Finals?

If Mitchdog is up for it I think doing a series of five thousand $5 NFL matches would be fun. Haha nah. I will probably celebrate with some friends then put all of it in savings. I know, real exciting.


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