Colts’ Pat McAfee kicks 75-yard field goal. Real or fake?

Jul 29 2:04pm

This video of Pat McAfee, the Colts’ punter (not kicker, mind you), has been making the rounds lately, and it’s turning some heads. Is this a legit 75-yard field goal?

Well, because of the way the video is set up, it could be fake, but it could also be quite real. One of things most people don’t realize is that in football games, kickers have to kick field goals at a higher trajectory in order to prevent the defensive line from blocking it. The further back a kicker gets, the lower he has to make his trajectory in order to get the ball through the uprights – which is one reason why you see more blocked kicks on longer field goal attempts.

Although it seems super human watching a guy kick a field goal from 75-yards, is it possible? Of course. McAfee has no one rushing him, so trajectory is no issue. He’s also kicking the ball in the middle of July, and you don’t need to be a physics whiz to understand that a kicked football will go further in July heat than in December cold. And should we be wary that he’s a punter instead of kicker? Not at all. Punters are often backup kickers anyway.

So is it legit? That I can’t say. But I do know that Sebastian Janokowski of the Raiders routinely kicks and makes 70-yard field goals in practice. So I’ll go with yes.

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