Bargain Bin: Wednesday, July 27

July 27 11:56am

By Antonio D’Arcangelis

If you dig around a bit, there are plenty of excellent bargain to be found on FanDuel. I’ve taken a lot of the hard work out of it for you, highlighting several players who are poised to provide great bang for your buck in Wednesday’s games. Whether you’re entered in one of FanDuel’s competitive contests or prepping for a head-to-head battle for cold hard cash, the following players could give you the winning edge.

P – Phil Hughes, NYY ($5,100) – Buyer beware! Hughes wasn’t sharp in his last outing, but he’s available up to the 100-pitch threshold and is facing a weak offense. The Yanks, meanwhile, are raking. I’m not sure if there are any excellent pitching bargains in the $5K range today, but Hughes is likely the best of the bunch. For my money, though, it’s best to shave off salary using one or more of the following position players before trying to pinch pennies at the pitcher slot.

C – Ronnie Paulino, NYM ($2,900) – Paulino is due to start hitting a few dingers – unless his pre-2011 power was all the PEDs. If he’s starting for the Mets, he’s worth a look on here.

1B – Matt LaPorta, CLE ($3,000) – Last night LaPorta (who had missed the last couple weeks of June) snapped a homerless streak that had darkened the Indians’ doorways since June 2, when his OPS was a robust .804. Now, it’s just .703, but hopefully on the rise.

2B – Dustin Ackley, SEA ($2,800) – Since being called up, Ackley has done nothing but good things for the wayward Mariners. He’s one of the few bright spots (along with Michael Pineda and Justin Smoak) in an otherwise dismal organization. While he hasn’t fared well against Yankee pitching thus far, he’s a patient line drive hitter with major upside.

3B – Willie Bloomquist, ARI ($3,000) – I’ll say this for Willie: He can scrape together a few FanDuel points in a pinch. There aren’t many great 3B options for this price, so a .286/.330/.365 guy with 10 SB on the season is a solid bargain. With Stephen Drew out for the season, Bloomy has a regular job at SS for the D-Backs.

3B – Eric Chavez, NYY ($2,600) – I don’t know how much time they’ll be giving to the veteran now that he’s healthy, but if he makes it into the starting lineup, he’s worth the low price tag.

SS – Eduardo Nunez, NYY ($2,900) – The guy hits hard line drives to all fields and can handle both fastballs and off-speed stuff. He’s got some competition for the regular base job (until A-Rod gets back) because Chavez is off the DL, but the Yanks will find ways to get his potent bat (.273/.318/.400) in the Bombers’ lineup.

LF – Josh Reddick, BOS ($3,000) – At 3.1 FanDuel points per game, Reddick is a bargain bin BFF for daily fantasy junkies. With the underwhelming J.D. Drew on the DL and Reddick mashing, he’s got an everyday right field job.

CF – Desmond Jennings, TB ($2,400) – He’s HEEEEEERE!!! Jennings was 6-for-11 before yesterday’s 0-3 line, and he’s the best outfielder $2,400 can buy.

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