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Mario Balotelli gives us the most half-assed breakaway shot in soccer history

Jul 25 3:22am

I know that every summer when European teams come over to the States to play friendlies against MLS teams, they’re not exactly going full-tilt. But they generally give some level of effort to give the American crowds a good show. However, Mario Balotelli – the super-talented 20-year-old Italian forward for Manchester City – does not agree with this logic. No sir, if it’s a game against a crappy American MLS team that means absolutely nothing, then that’s precisely what he’s going to give you in terms of effort, as evidenced by this astounding attempt he gave on a wide open breakaway this weekend against the LA Galaxy.

About the only way that could have been worse would have been if he’d given the crowd the finger in the process.

To the shock of no one, Super Mario got yanked immediately. But if he wants to try that backheel shot again, he should probably learn from Awana Diab of the UAE on how to do it right.

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