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KC’s Corner: How to have second half success

Jul 19 2:27am

After last week’s shenanigans, I had to go back to FanDuel nation for another survey. It wasn’t really optional. So I pondered to myself, what could I ask them? I need something that allows them to express their creativity. I need something that is comical. I need something as epic as the U.S.A. Women’s collapse (too soon?). And I need something that the higher-ups will allow. So after critically considering all these categories, I think I found the answer (my question).

This week’s question was: “How can a FanDuel player find success during the 2nd half of the MLB season?”

And if you thought last week’s answers were out there, just wait until you lay eyes on what these guys came up with. I’m gonna just go ahead and say that most of these responses will not bring you any success at all, and frankly others barely even relate to the question. So if your purpose for reading is strategy and insight, just stop. If on the other hand you’d like a good chuckle to hold you over until next week, please proceed.

Again I reiterate, read at your own risk:


roboratz – My advice would be for players, that have been unsuccessful to daily fantasy games, to learn how to pick their opponents and games to play. Don’t play great MLB players like Dabigu or Kcearnal, when you know that these guys know their stuff and do a lot of research. Play at your skill level, if you have been playing consistently during the 1st half of the season, you already know the players that have the same skills as you not just in picking players but also find players that don’t put in a whole lot of time in doing research.

“If you are a crapshooter then play another crapshooter.”

chacha59 – Daily Folks down on your Luck? Ready to Give Up? Look no further than our invigorating Chat Room! That’s right if you ever feel you cant win a damn thing in these daily’s, I’m sure your spirits will be uplifted after you listen to what some of our regulars and not so regulars have to say! For example FanDuel Funny Man (Sorry TonyPros) Whits23 is there for an encouraging comment from time to time, but a match up with him will more than likely encourage a visit to your ATM Machine. KC the star of our show here, and perenial Daily Winner, will smile at you with his Starry eyes and then knock your teeth in and almost make you ask for more. (He is just so nice). Feeling better already are you………….good, im just here to encourage you to fight the good fight, keep on playing here because this is the best site out there for daily games. If you havent already please join our Chat Room. One of Fan Duels “Happiest” customers, Aaironworks, is on pretty much every evening to greet you. I am sure if you’re feeling down Aairon would sure love the company.

Good Luck Daily Players and Remember In Dailys………….There is Always Tomorrow!!!

dkmaestro – I’m almost sure to improve on my first half, now that my divorce is almost final. I won’t have to deal with constant nagging and complaining about the amount of time I use on researching lefty/righty matchups. Securing a place in the DFBC will now be my primary focus.

I’m lucky enough to have a small office, with a door that shuts, so I am able to sit in peace and quiet for 3 hours every day, researching the best lineup. Of course this wouldnt be possible without having my secretary spend another 3 hours of her time looking at historic stats between a batter and pitcher.

So to those not finding success, Research is key, along with having a secretary who’s a looker and doesn’t mind doing your research.

To my ex-wife I just want to say: “I want my tent back, and the painting that I found and bought – as with everything else we own – when we took that trip to SFO.

headchopper – Eat your vitamins, say your prayers and do your research.When you are in the midst of a cold streak, don’t panic – just double up against me (only when you’re cold). When you warm back up shift your focus back on playing KC or somebody else. When you need to break a slump go ahead and hunt down a game against Rudzia. Baseball appears to be a serious kryptonite for him. If the NBA has a prolonged lockout, he may have to quit daily grinding and go back to flipping crabby patties at the Crusty Crab.


WOW. There is just so much genius to analyze here, I’m not even sure where to begin. I’ll go person-by-person.

roboratz – I like the quote, and I decided to lead with your response because it was the only one that even hinted at actual advice.

chacha59 – Thanks for including the masses in your response. You hit all the chatroom characters right on the head.

dkmaestro – I have a few things for you. 1) 2) (312)490-4301 – Anger Management Counseling. Keep it together buddy, kudos on the secretary.

headchopper – We all know that I’m a fan of taking shots at other players, and chopper did a great job here. That coupled with your shady attempt at making yourself out to be a lesser player than you are, really warmed my heart. You then immediately crushed it by mentioning the gloom of the NBA mess. We try to keep this thing positive man, so leave that madness elsewhere.

Now that that madness has ended, let’s take some time to acknowledge this week’s success stories. These individuals obviously have not yet sunk to the levels of insanity as some of those survey respondents:

$3500 Thursday MLB Strikeout – mikei63 – $900

DFBC Qualifier – Friday – dirknight – It’s good to see a FanDuel veteran get a seat. Congrats!

$3K Saturday MLB Home Run – hawkeye – $750

$1500 Sunday MLB Steal – aksharma – $325

Congrats to all this week’s big winners. Check out all the large-field studs on the Tournament Kings Leaderboard.

Hope you can all start finding some 2nd half success. Despite this underwhelming column. See you all later and good luck until next week!

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