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KC’s Corner: What Makes a Winner?

Jul 13 3:28am

I’m sure for most of you the dullness and unfulfilling nature of the MLB All-Star break has you nearly bored to tears. But never fear my friends, I’ve found some of Fanduel’s finest (or at least most recognizable) personalities and posed a question to them that I think should provide you with at least the smallest of smiles during this drudgingly horrific down time.

The question was simple. “What Make’s You Good at Daily Fantasy?”

The answers I’m afraid were not simple at all. And while I must admit that I may have nudged survey participants into giving me answers that were not entirely serious, it became apparent to me very quickly that some of our more prominent Fanduel players are just a bit ‘out there’…

So I now proudly present to you the responses. Read at your own risk:


tonycpros911 – It has be that my parents never let me play with dolls as a child. I am not even talking about the questionable Ken dolls, there were no Evil Kneivel or GI Joe dolls allowed in my house. My parents told me that dolls were for sissys. Instead I was required to read the backs of  baseball cards and know if Manny Sanguillien hits from both sides of the plate. They did not let me eat the HARD GUM in the packs either. So I studied these cards and fell in love with stats and prayed one day in my future would be a fantasy title led by a rookie from Caracus,Venezuela. Then as I got older, I observed the FanDuel chatroom and realized if someone tells you how good they are, they are trying to convince themselves. So don’t listen to any advice they offer, and right now if your wondering, “Yes I am speaking about you.”

jmbwngfn – To be “good” you have to put FanDuel above everything. Family/Work/Health etc. Everything is secondary to lineup decisions and splits reviews.

chainsaul – I do a lot of talking to many of the FanDuel regulars whose names I will not mention. They are all great at this. So of course, since mama didnt raise no fool, I act like I am their friend and those suckers believe it. They then tell me which players to take at night. This outside advice, coupled with my constant monitoring of the FD homepage looking for new players to pray on, makes me a dominant force.

tommygmets86 – I invested in a crystal ball a few months ago and have been rolling ever since.

pudge – I never complain about bad luck.  I’ve lost in every imaginable way possible and have experienced enough to know that only good players get bad beats. Why? Because bad players have to  get lucky to be in contention with me to begin with. The world class poker player goes all in with the dominant hand. The ‘donk’ goes in dominated. The ‘donk’ can’t get a bad beat because he went in losing.  Only good players can get unlucky or get the bad beat. The same holds true for fantasy sports. I will never be the ‘donk.’

When I originally came up with the idea for this piece I thought I would offer detailed, comical commentary about each response. But after receiving these ‘interesting’ answers I decided that a one-sentence response would more than suffice as reaction.

tonycpros – You probably need some counseling, or at the very least a big hug.

jmbwngfn – Your wife is one lucky woman.

chainsaul – Deception and Ruses are the spirit of sport in this country. I’m glad to see you are carrying on this legacy.

tommygmets86 – I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve thought about Miss Cleo in years, so thanks for that.

pudge – I find myself wondering now if I am this so-called ‘donk?’ What’s that saying? “If you can’t spot the ‘donk’ in the 5-man tourney, within the first 5 pitches, you are probably it.”  Or something like that.

So now that we’ve heard from some of our players on what it takes to be a winner, I thought I’d wrap up this week’s article by highlighting the players that actually did some winning in Fanduel’s bigger tournaments this week:

$5K Monday MLB MVP Winner – giedrius771 – $1,200

$4500 Tuesday MLB Strikeout – kcearnal – $1,000 (yeah, that’s me)

$5K Wednesday MLB Blast – jaykooks – $1,600

$3500 Thursday MLB Strikeout – blazer40 – $900

DFBC Qualifier – Friday – devilboy1985 – He wins the seat all daily fantasy baseball players dream about…

$3K Saturday MLB Home Run – lilstevie3003 – $750

$1500 Sunday MLB Steal – kcearnal – $325 (yeah, that’s me again)

Congrats to all this week’s big winners. Especially me. For a look at those guys that have been consistently dominating the Fanduel tournaments check out the Tournament Kings Leaderboard.

I’ll see you all you winners again next week!

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